Well, maybe not ALL of us . . .

Premier Gordon Campbell, speaking in 2009:

…in these unprecedented times we must ALL take action that reaches beyond ideology . . . we are facing a situation we couldn’t plan for. We haven’t experienced anything like it before in scope, speed, scale, suddenness and synchronicity.

It has been a stark reminder that no one can escape the global forces at play.

The Vancouver Sun, using statistics from fiscal 2009, presents Number of B.C. public servants earning more than $100,000 up 22 per cent in two years.

The number of B.C. public servants earning more than $100,000 a year jumped 22 per cent in just two years, according to an exclusive database of government pay compiled by The Vancouver Sun.

The increase isn’t just happening at the $100,000 level.

Those earning $150,000 or more went up even faster, by 26 per cent.

And the ranks of the very highest paid — those earning $200,000 or more — went up by a still significant 20 per cent.

The B.C. government also introduced new pay scales for its most senior bureaucrats in the summer of 2008, which saw assistant deputy ministers awarded raises of 21 per cent.

And at the Oil and Gas Commission, those earning six-figure salaries went up a stunning 10-fold, from just two employees in 2006-07 to 21 in 2008-09.

Gordon Campbell is a leader of the sort talked about by Dr George Carey, the Archbishop of Canterbury, who said that morality appears ‘topsy-turvy’ to today’s generation and Beatitudes of Jesus have been replaced by:

  • ‘blessed are the famous, for they will enjoy the praise of men’
  • ‘blessed are those who are rich, because they will inherit the Earth’
  • ‘blessed are the mighty, because they will become more powerful yet’.

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  1. No wonder we cannot afford to raise the minimum wage that has been stalled at its present level for about 10 years.


  2. It's not the little guy in the public service, the ones whose jobs are being cut getting paid this kind of money. The ones who actually do the work! The frontline worker. It's your middle and upper management, and there are now more than enough of those throughout every ministry since this government came to power. Manager, assistant manager, deputy assistant, assistant to the assistant to the manager and the list goes on. The little guy just gets more piled on him/her and an abundance of managers directing him/her. He/she (frontline worker bee) isn't making a 100+ a year, believe me.


  3. Anon 8:45 I think most people realize the truth to your statement. We all know a little public servant who makes a decent wage and does all the real work of government. The nurse, the frontline social worker and the desk jockey who makes it hum. We don't have a problem with that. Like you say, it's the management level that is out of order here.


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