Gordon Campbell

The Campbell Creed: promise more, deliver less

Auditor General John Doyle, MBA, CA, submitted his third report of the fiscal year to the Legislature, Conservation of Ecological Integrity in B.C. Parks and Protected Areas. Mr. Doyle is precise and unequivocal. He lauds the objective but faults the execution. The Liberals, who continually vaunt their skills as managers, again demonstrate that incompetence is the sad reality.

“The Ministry of Environment has a vision to, “create the best park system in the world” and a goal to be recognized for its leadership in the proactive stewardship of ecological integrity. Currently, the ministry is not successfully meeting this goal.

  • program plans are incomplete and lack adequate performance measures;
  • conservation policies are not being consistently upheld;
  • the parks and protected area system has not been designed to ensure ecological integrity;
  • management plans are dated and incomplete; and
  • little action has been taken to ensure the conservation of ecological integrity.

“We also found that the ministry is not publicly reporting on its progress in conserving ecological integrity in the province’s parks and protected areas system.”

Indeed, this devastating report should result in the immediate resignation of Environment Minister Barry Penner, shown here with a staff member reviewing completion of the Phil Gaglardi memorial gardens in Oliver.

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  1. What does one expect? The Campbell government is only in power because of their mainstream media friends, including the Sun, Province & CORUS radio!

    BC mainstream media is the key board what the Campbell government is playing BC's death dirge on.

    Campbell is a land developer and provincial parks are nothing but an obstruction to the fine art of degrading the environment!

    This is the tip of the iceberg and when Campbell is truly gone will the truth leach out like a nauseous smell.


  2. The only green thing that Campbell and his type care about is money. If one were to look, it is not hard to find numerous examples of where this is the case. They just do not care about anything that does not generate a buck.

    Carole James was fighting over the carbon tax over an election, claiming it was useless…..well we all know now that she was right. Gordon Campbell, the wulf, put on a green cape and called himself green. Liar.


  3. I notice in some of the MSM reporting of this story Minister Penner is commenting that it is difficult to do better a better job of protecting ecological integrity of these areas, given the public's lack of appetite for higher taxes (e.g., the HST)! That's the problem – the spin never stops with these guys. One gets the sense they are getting desperate and scraping the bottom of the barrel, though…


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