Is the motive safety or prohibition?

After complaints from restaurants that new driving laws have negatively impacted the hospitality industry, Solicitor General Rich Coleman said today:

“People don’t understand that they can go in and have a couple of glasses of wine with dinner and still leave and be OK and I think what happened is the fear hit in such a way that they said we can’t have a drink at all, and that wasn’t the intent of the legislation.”

Well, Rich, not exactly. Nanaimo RCMP tested a Daily News reporter after she consumed two beer in one hour, the equivalent alcohol of two glasses of wine. Thirty minutes after her last sip, the breathalyser test showed a result that made driving illegal. Not long ago, an RCMP Sergeant refused to acknowledge that drinking even one glass of wine with dinner would be acceptable.

The lack of precision in this issue is exactly why a single police officer should not have sole discretion to levy a fine, suspend a driver’s license and impound a vehicle.

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  1. The new law has been instituted to control regular law abiding taxpayers using the FUD Factor: Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt. Not unlike laws in non-democratic countries. It is very dangerous to allow police to be judge and jury. Keep in mind MADD Canada is pushing for police to have more power to stop any driver just because they feel like it and Fed Justice MinisterRob Nicholson seems okay with that idea.


  2. How's this for a way to win friends and influence people.

    White Spot restaurant at Park & Tilford in North Vancouver served a woman 2 glasses of wine with dinner, then she drove away, a person at the White Spot phoned police to report a drinking driver. Two police officers were dispatched but after talking with the driver minutes later, took no action.

    Would you appreciate a restaurateur, perhaps pissed at the tip you left, reporting you to police.


  3. In the Interior (hurtland), many parts of which are poorly served with little or no transit and few cabs, some proprietors have attempted to provide their own ride home service – only to be threatened with legal action over lack of “cab licenses” or insurance issues. But as others have said, the hospitality industry has loved the Campbelloids for their cheap labor policies, so suck it up – I'll drink at home!


  4. But, Koot, be assured that we in the lower mainland appreciate you interior folks helping to pay shadow tolls – oops, I mean vehicle usage fees – so that skiers don't have to pay more when they drive to the slopes at Whistler. After all, those ski lift tickets are quite pricey.

    Of course, you are already helping us pay for the convention centers, the stadium roof, the Port Mann bridges and billions worth of other projects. Then again, we will help you pay for that new lake planned for Peace River country.


  5. Does it really matter if there are laws?
    How many times have you counted people on cell phones, speeding, and driving erratically because they are under the influence of some substance? And when you look around there is not a cop in sight.


  6. Campbell has driven us to drink. Then the Cops want to put us in jail 'casue of a couple of glasses of wine with dinner. What next? Throw us in jail if we don't vote a certain way? frick em all!


  7. I know of one Hotel Pub that purchased a van to deliver the clients home as his bus was way down. Customers were having one beer then leaving. The manager said something like ” the wives drop 'em off and we take 'em home” as the clientele is of a more elderly sort.


  8. This is just another dirty tactic, to punish restaurants, for not supporting the HST. We all know, how spiteful and petty Campbell is. The RCMP will do what Campbell dictates. They are in fear of losing their BC provincial contract. Don't forget, Campbell and Hansen's spite, against Elections BC, two honest and good people lost their jobs, for, not lying for Hansen, and Hansen then tattled to Gordo, and pffft those two people were gonzo. The BC Liberals are in the lowest form of the human species. Expect nothing, but more lies and treachery from them. That's all they are capable of.


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