Oh, the horror!

Wow, the BC Liberal Government and ideologues in Canada’s newspaper salespaper industry sure think we are stupid. Wednesday, Elections BC announced the question to be voted upon in British Columbia:

“Are you in favour of extinguishing the HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) and reinstating the PST (Provincial Sales Tax) in conjunction with the GST (Goods and Services Tax)? Yes/No”

Thursday, the Globe and Mail, reporting on “previously unreleased” government documents, headlines:

$5-billion is the projected price tag for axing HST in B.C.

Remember that day in July 2009, when confident, smiling Gordon Campbell and trusted associate Colin Hansen announced imposition of HST. They said “Stakeholders have called for a harmonized sales tax.” (Errr, that would be industrial stakeholders, not the 4.5 million citizens they failed to consult during the election held weeks before.) Campbell and Hansen said things were certain about HST. In addition to it being wonderful, “It’s essentially revenue neutral.”

I’ll award a well thumbed copy of Stan Walters’ book The Truth About Lying to the person who provides the best explanation of this question:

How does revoking revenue neutral HST cost $5 billion dollars in lost government revenue, thereby resulting in smiting of firstborn male children, doubling of personal income taxes, an eightfold increase in residential school property tax, a sixfold hike in motor fuel tax rates and substantial increases to other provincial taxes and dramatic cuts to provincial programs and expenditures?

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  1. Hi Norm:

    This just shows how desperate the Fiberals are becoming…and how many of the corporate elite/MSM they have in their pockets…Maybe what we should do is revive the “Honestly Shared Taxation” strategy to hit all the Fiberal supporters in their bottom-line…we seem to have hit a nerve there back in August with White Spot et al…just a thought…

    Warren White
    Gordon Head, Victoria


  2. Hello Norm,
    After reading this article, I was totally confused. First question, how did G&M know of this report ? Secondly there is no time line about losing the 5 billion. Does it also mean that if we keep the HST, we receive 5 billion in revenue ? What are these figures based on ? And if the government knew all this, why give away 600 million during the Premier's TV show ? Who are these individuals that put this report together and under who's authority were they asked to do so ?
    And yes Norm, we can't forget the almighty statement by the financial wizard himself (Hansen), the HST is “revenue neutral”

    Guy in Victoria


  3. How?

    I'll tell you how……

    By taking even more of our money and giving it corporations instead of using to build schools, clean hospitals and hire park rangers.

    That's how.


    (all snark aside, clearly the constant flinging of the propaganda has begun in earnest with this, following up on Elections BC's bogus assault on folks that signed the petition and the ridiculous obfuscatory wording of the 'question')



  4. The 5 Billion dollars is picked out of thin air – it has NO meaning, NONE whatsoever!

    It may, just may, mean that if the entire HST tax is eliminated, ALL 12% of it, and NO other consumption tax is put in place, the BC government will be out 5 billion in lost tax revenue.

    But no one is proposing this, NO ONE!

    But, waddya expect from Canada’s “salespaper”.


  5. This statement in my opinion is very troublesome and ambiguous.

    “Are you in favour of extinguishing the HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) and reinstating the PST (Provincial Sales Tax) in conjunction with the GST (Goods and Services Tax)? Yes/No”

    '…reinstating the PST… in conjunction with…', does that mean reinstating the PST as it was prior to the liars implementing the HST, or applying the PST to
    everything, no provincial exemptions, but called them the PST & GST?
    To me the question leaves much to HOW it may be interrupted after the vote.


  6. Can someone please explain. BC is a province of natural resources. How does the HST benefit the BC people? How much mining metal, does an every day BC resident buy? I understood, BC's HST goes directly to Harper. In what way, does BC get the money back, or do we get “any” funds back? It is said, Campbell works for Harper. Is this why Campbell is fighting tooth and nail, to force the HST through? It seems Canada is a huge morass of corruption. BC is said to be, the most corrupt province in Canada. I feel the HST was designed for big business and big business only. From what I have experienced, the HST has driven costs up, sky high.


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