This is about trolls, not tolls


One who posts a deliberately provocative message with the intention of causing disruption and argument.

I noted an example Monday. It is a contribution from a former professional columnist who took on a career as a lobbyist some years ago. That effort was stalled by the author’s association with convicted criminals and people able to award others immunity from prosecution.
Perhaps Brian Kieran is reduced to pay-per-word work while he reestablishes his writing bona fides. In any case, I thought it rather bold for a person perhaps not yet rehabilitated in the public eye to sling very rude insults at Chris Delaney, a person who displeased the corporate world as Lead Organizer of FightHST. It doesn’t take much thought to attach a likely motivation to Brian Kieran’s shot. This was part of his open letter to Bill Vander Zalm:

“Next time you turn around and see BC First “leader” Chris Delaney mincing in your shadow, please say “hi” for me. You can tell him I think he’s a silly little man. I don’t know why you hang out with him. As my dear departed colleague Marjorie Nichols use to say: “He doesn’t have the brains that God gave a goose.”

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  1. One wonders if Brian is under contract with the Libs to stir the pot. If he is so untainted by BC Rail as he tried to put forward in his public comments after the trial ended, why isn't he out there correcting the public record and telling us what really went down? Brian – if you want to come back from the dark side, the price is full disclosure…

    Warren White
    Gordon Head, Victoria


  2. Absolutely correct Warren. But, get ready, there will be more of this kind of character assassination. The stakes are very high for some, in the billions for the largest participants. They can afford to employ shabby tools and tactics.


  3. When Brian first reappeared from whatever rock he had been hiding under since the Basi-Virk Scam began I felt that his very first contribution to the Times Colonial Watercarrier was very self serving and expected more of the same when and if he started his promised blog. Mr. White has it right on above and the same should be repeated to Basi, Virk and anybody else who would like to salvage a piece of their soul or self-respect!


  4. “You can tell him I think he’s a silly little man. I don’t know why you hang out with him.”

    Erm…Brian…considering the folks you were hanging out with/doing business with…would you be able to discern the pot from the kettle? And what it's non-color might be?

    You simply cannot be taken seriously in anything you write, until you speak the truth, ALL of the truth. That would be NEWS. Something you are well acquainted with considering your history…”acquainted with” is the right choice here. The very definition of “news” is…when YOU tell us something THEY do not want US to know.

    Now, we know that you know…the truth. Question is: Are you willing to do what's right Physician Kieran?


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