That Smyth guy, what a kidder!

Postmedia columnist Mikael Smyth fits the CKNW political agenda quite seamlessly. This is part of his objective, non-partisan commentary, just before the 1:00 pm news break, November 29:

Carole James, as an NDP leader, can’t win. She just can’t win. Once you’ve got Gordon Campbell out of the way, once their favorite whipping boy is not there anymore, then she can’t do it. She can’t win. She’s already lost twice.

Now, can you imagine Christy Clark versus Carole James?  Think about that TV debate. Who wins that debate? Who are the people going to back in an election? I think I give the new Liberal leader a pretty good chance to turn this thing around.

Caller #1:

I think, absolutely, she is going to run. I mean, she’s been campaigning for a couple of weeks on the radio now. And, she absolutely will not be successful. I also think that CKNW should give it a rest now. I’ts all you hear. Christy this, Christy that. . . .and, I think you guys should really give it a rest.

I would not be surprised if there aren’t already some folks talking to the CRTC about this. You don’t give other candidates half the publicity you are giving her.


I disagree with you. She just announced a couple of days ago she was going to step aside and think about this so. . .  I would say this is the first opportunity her own listeners have had a chance to weigh in about what they think about it, and we’ve got a full phone board. I disagree with you that people are sick of it, cause they’re not. Let’s go to another call.

Caller #2 (John):

I think your comments about her son are hillarious. Um, she got out of politics because of her kid; she’s going back into it because of her kid. It’s a joke. If she does run, she won’t win but she’s definitely got great team support. She’s got CKNW. I mean the Liberals have got CKNW. Where would their polls be without your radio station? . . . But good for you Mike. If she does run, maybe you’ll get her job.


Eh, eh, eh. Well, I’ll tell ya. This Liberal leadership race is gonna be covered by the radio station impartially. I can tell you that, as far as I’m concerned, in my approach to it, at least when I’m filling in for Christy this week.

Ah, Mike Smyth, what a kidder.

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  1. Now this may be far fetched, but Ontario's Press Council says that a journalist, such as a Cristy Clark, may seek the BC Liberal Party Leadership, but the Premiership (as an MLA)???? that seat must be outside of CKNW airwave distribution area otherwise she has an unfair advantage over all other contenders.

    “The Press Council believes publishers, editors and reporters, while actively engaged in journalism, should not seek or hold elective political office in their newspaper's distribution area.”

    British Columbia Press Council, not a word on “Conduct or Practice”, of anyone like Christy Clark suddenly running for an Elected office.

    There ought to be a law…… writtenr by Craig James, after she makes her announcement.


  2. Thanks for the comment, an informed one as always.

    I imagine Clark will be gone from her show until April, after declining Kevin Falcon's offer to rejoin the government. It is certain she is running for Liberal leadership, judging from the number of replays I've heard on NW of Clark's “I will retire now to consider my future, [although my machine is already warmed and ready to go].” You would think after more than 72 hours, it would have lost its punch but McComb played again after 6pm, Monday.


  3. Who listens to Smyth?

    Who listens to 'NW the official Liberal party organ?

    It is the blogs that will field the real questions.


  4. EE..those that listen to Smything and 'NW are those who hold the power, and the numbers.

    The blogs may field the real questions, but people aren't into taking time to find the truth anymore. They're into sound bites, repetitive sound bites. Why do you think her show is so popular?


  5. Hardy,har,har…,can't that station and those reporters on it see what a joke they've become?As an impartial listener I laugh do people really buy what fertilizer they're selling,as far as they claim that their impartial just listen to them and you tell me,the crtc is playing from the same deck that craig james is playing if a moron like me can see it how smart are the so called listeners micheal smithryte the garbage distributor found that out yesterday,none of the callers were to interested in receiving the garbage he was delivering,so that answers my own question,we aren't that stupid are we smthryte with every pen stroke and every time you open your mouth you just lose more and more credibility,our eyes have been open and again your partisanship has been overwhelming,and again I say you've been BUSTED!


  6. I dunno Norm, but maybe the plea for support for Sean Holman's joint needs reworking – something like: (edits highlighted)

    I have canceled a request that you sponsor Sean Holman's Victoria based Public Eye. It would only seem appropriate for Kevin Falcon, Christy Clark and/or the Liberal Party of BC to provide what you can, if not the $10 monthly sponsorship, send more. If you can afford more, do so. Sean Holman does fine public relations for LIEberal leadership candidates instead of public interest journalism. Inevitably, Public Eye will disappear if readers don't step up, or perhaps be adopted/absorbed by the Public Affairs Bureau.

    Sorry Norm, but Sean's recent contributions at the Eye make the BC Liberal website seem non-partisan.


  7. Hey Norm – Very strange that Public Eye would have those Falcon ads…has Sean gone over to the dark side?

    Warren White
    Gordon Head, Victoria


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