Bute Inlet report

Bute Inlet is part of British Columbia’s almost unspoiled coastal wilderness, about 200 km north of Vancouver. In my teen years, as a Powell River resident, it was a dream to set bait there, where 50 pound Spring Salmon (Tyee or Chinook) were legendary. It is gorgeous, dramatic, imposing and threatened by General Electric, the world’s second largest corporation.

If you wonder if it needs preservation for further generations, spend 11 minutes viewing the video embedded below. It is an update about General Electric’s private power proposal at Bute Inlet. Operating as Plutonic, the company has purchased friendly media coverage and much political influence in BC and been given near exclusive access to broad territories. In some of that, Plutonic/GE has restricted public access for the first time ever.

Click on images for larger views.
Bute Inlet market ‘B’

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  1. Thanks Norm for bringing this update on the disastrous policies of the Liberal government. I blame the Liberals ( each & everyone of them ) for not creating a made in BC plan. We already have BC Hydro which at one time was highly respected. This insanity has to stop. What right do they have from blocking access to public land. If you or I did that, the Liberals would call the RCMP.

    Guy in Victoria


  2. Has anyone read. North Van Grumps, Blog Borg Collective? Regarding, who actually clinched the deal, for the sale of the BCR. It will be no shocker to anyone, that I am sure of. Anyway, he has irrefutable proof.


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