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Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond is my nomination for the bravest public servant in BC. To do her important work, she asked for a budget increase for 2011 that would fund 5 additional positions in her office. They were needed, she says, because of the high workload advocating for kids and investigating deaths and critical injuries of children in care of the province. The BC Liberal dominated committee reviewing budgets of independent officers refused the request, leaving Turpel-Lafond’s request short by $432,000.

Denying the Independent Children’s Representative money needed to conduct her business makes political sense. By the nature of the work, she often criticizes ministry officials and that is inappropriate because she forgets her main objective should be to make Children’s Minister Mary Polak look competent. Although that is not an easy task, she deserves no more money. We have more important ways to spend money than hiring 5 people just to protect children. After all, they are not ferry boats, so we have better uses of taxpayer funds. Besides which, Ms. Turpel-Lafond seems just too interested in protecting powerless people instead of those of us who live in fine houses.

David Hahn, CEO of BC Ferries joined the ferry company after presiding over liquidation of troubled Ogden Corporation’s aircraft maintenance assets. Ogden took on the new name of Covanta Energy Corp. in 2001 and filed for bankruptcy protection a year later. During the aftermath, Hahn fled to BC Ferries. According to The Tyee:

[Terry] Glavin, citing an article in the Troubled Company Reporter, says as part of his settlement upon leaving the company [Hahn] was paid a $30,000 a month consulting fee, which extended through his first year of employment at BC Ferries. In addition, he received more than $200,000 in other payments.

In 2004, his first full year with the ferry corporation, Hahn earned $526,760. Had BC Ferries followed guidelines for pay increases used for most public service employees, he would have earned these amounts:
  • 2005:   + 0%                    = $    526,670 or $ 10,130 weekly
  • 2006:   + $0.63 per hour   = $    528,070 or $ 10,155 weekly
  • 2007:   + 3.0 %                = $    543,913 or $ 10,460 weekly
  • 2008:   + 2.5 %                = $    557,510 or $ 10,721 weekly
  • 2009    + 2.0 %                = $    568,661 or $ 10,936 weekly
  • 5 year total                     = $ 2,724,914
For some reason, BC Ferries acted with a spirit of extraordinary generosity and this is what Mr. Hahn actually earned:
  • 2005:   + 10%                  = $    579,185 or $ 11,138 weekly
  • 2006:   + 17%                  = $    677,225 or $ 13,024 weekly
  • 2007:   + 32%                  = $    894,926 or $ 17,210 weekly
  • 2008:   + 20 %                 = $ 1,071,444 or $ 20,605 weekly
  • 2009    –  8 %                   = $   984,248  or $ 18,928 weekly
  • 5 year total                     = $  4,207,028
Don’t regard Mr. Hahn as unusually greedy though. His office mates in the executive suite of BC Ferries, at least the high ticket ones, were treated with almost equal generosity, along with the political hacks sitting on the Board of Directors., the ones charged with protecting the public interest.

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  1. Norm, thanks very much for this. We must bring all of this scum to the surface so that people understand where their/our money is going.

    What you are doing is first-class public education.

    As for your nomination of Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond, I agree she is the bravest public servant probably in the history of BC, far surpassing the other “public body watchdogs” who cringe and slither around to obscure the rot in our government, all the while collecting their handsome paycheques without a second thought.

    Merry Christmas to you Mr. Farrell, and to all those who suffer harm and deprivation at the hands of this government, especially to the elderly living in over-medicated “care” in BC's institutions, and to children living in danger and poverty.


  2. BC isn't known, as the most corrupt province in Canada, for nothing. However, Campbell could deny he knew anything about, the absurd amount of money, Hahn was paid. Campbell would not hesitate to cut Hahns throat, the same as he did to Basi and Virk. Campbell gets rid of the honest and good, such as Neufeld and Johnson, from Elections BC. He then installed, another one of his butt kissers, to do his dirty work for him. They need to remember, Basi and Virk, did Campbell's dirty work for him. They will forever have the name criminal, attached to their names.


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