Maybe we need political prisoners in Canada

Read more at CBC, Senator charged with fraud still spending

“A senator charged with fraud and banned from sitting in the upper chamber since 2007 continues to charge taxpayers more than $10,000 a month in travel, hospitality and office expenses on top of his $133,000 a year salary.

“RCMP charged Senator Raymond Lavigne with fraud, breach of trust and obstruction of justice over the alleged misuse of Senate funds for travel, and getting a staffer to do personal work for him.

“Lavigne was kicked out of the Liberal caucus, and for almost four years, he has not been allowed to sit on Senate committees or set foot in the Senate chamber without special permission from the Speaker. . . “

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  1. Norm,
    I read that story last night and have read about this so called defender about what's right in Canadian politics in the past. First of all, I have believed for many years that the Senate is a total waste of taxpayer dollars. Secondly, what kind of society are we living in, when we allow this individual to go along his merry way with a charge of fraud hanging over his head.
    In a Country where many individuals go without, politicians have established a system whereby all they need to do is say “I'm sorry” and all is forgiven. What's even worse Norm, is that if I had the power to send this Senator walking, there are actually people that would criticize me. Go figure.

    Guy in Victoria


  2. I read that story last night too…..makes one's head reel. Where's justice?? He should be made to pay back 'every penny'.
    Mulroney was caught in an outright lie about Schreiber — did we ever get back the $2 million he sued for under false pretences???


  3. There is one judicial system, for politicians. Another judicial system, for the everyday people. Justice in this country, is for those who can afford it. Politicians are allowed to thieve, lie, and be corrupt, and pay nothing back. The politicians, even get all of their expenses paid, out of the tax payers dollars.


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