The fix is in. Thank the mainstream media.

Rafe Mair, writing at The Common Sense Canadian, has a great analysis of BC politics. Follow the link to read the whole article; there is more than these highlights.

“Let’s start with BC Rail. The lies are firmly on the record. . . .Not only did [Campbell] lie, the deal does not, to say the very least, pass the smell test.

“Now lets look at the Campbell lies during the 2009 election about the financial affairs of the province. . . The lies by toady Hansen and Pinocchio Campbell on the HST need scarcely need repeating. . .

“Campbell and Hansen also lied through their teeth on the broad issues of energy and the environment. . .

“Many environmentalists closer to issues than I have spoken out on the assault on the Agricultural Land Reserve, the desecration of wilderness, and consequent massive assaults on the atmosphere. . .

“How to begin the defence of our rivers and the saving of BC Hydro? . . .

“. . . private power is for the most part generated during the Spring run-off when there is sufficient water for them to produce. This is precisely the time BC Hydro doesn’t need power yet they must take it anyway under the agreements they’ve been forced to sign.

“Here’s the skinny. BC Hydro must take private power on a “take or pay” basis, meaning it must pay for power it doesn’t need. Now here comes the neat part – the price BC Hydro must pay is 2-3 times what it can export it for! Or about 12 times what it costs them to make it themselves!

“. . . Traditionally BC Hydro has paid a dividend to our government to build hospitals, schools and so on. Now they will have no profit so no dividend because all the profits are going to large corporations. . .

“. . . It’s Bilderberger, Davos stuff. It’s the New Order, Corporate World. It has nothing whatever to do with the good of the people. The same people bundling sub-prime mortgages, going broke, taking government handouts then paying themselves million dollar bonuses are running things all over the world.

“. . .  Read Vaughn Palmer, Mike Smyth, listen to Bill Good or Christy Clark and tell me when over the past decade any of them covering BC affairs as an editorialist have truly held the government’s feet to the fire on the issues I’ve raised here.

“There are only two answers – either all the fighters I’ve mentioned are full of crap, or the fix is in.”

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  1. “”There are only two answers – either all the fighters I’ve mentioned are full of crap, or the fix is in.”
    Well assuming that they are all eating their fibre, I guess that “eliminates” the full of crap possibility, which only leaves…………
    “the fix is in”.

    Gary L.


  2. Yeah that article is excellent. As one of the commentators mentioned: why are civil servants never canned (along with their political master)?

    There is simply no accountability, no punishment for lying. Except the punishment of the public, the taxpayer.


  3. Here's one politician who is breaking the mould as reported in the:

    Williams Lake Tribune

    More resources to serve you

    Published: January 20, 2011 8:00 AM
    Updated: January 20, 2011 9:47 AM

    By Bob Simpson

    This week I brought my Victoria staff up for a tour of the Cariboo and a planning session for the coming year. As a “caucus” MLA I didn’t have a direct budget for staffing; an amount was allocated to the NDP caucus budget and I was assigned some staff resources out of a common pool.

    Now, as an Independent MLA, I have an annual budget which enables me to have staff in Victoria and hire contractors to work on specific files or issues as they arise. My local constituency budget and staffing remains the same as it was before I became an Independent.

    That means I have four full-time staff to serve you and raise your issues in Victoria. In my constituency office I have a person who primarily focuses on individual case work. We assist people with anything that involves provincial regulations and services: income assistance rates, rental disputes, road services, seniors care issues, health-care concerns, education funding, and the list goes on.

    The second person in my community office works primarily on broader issues (such as placer mining, agriculture, affordable housing, meat regulations, etc.) and focuses on community priorities, especially the smaller communities in the Cariboo North riding.

    I’m thrilled that I’ve now added to these local resources a full-time researcher and policy analyst in Victoria who will help us to do comprehensive background research into our issues, suggest policy solutions I can take to ministers, and help me draft new legislation when necessary. I can introduce this legislation as a Private Members Bill when the House is in session. My other staff resource in Victoria helps us gain access to ministers’ offices to fast track work on individual case files and policy issues. This person will also assist me to raise our issues in the legislature and throughout the province.

    This week I and my staff were able to visit most of the communities in Cariboo North and hear directly from people what their hopes and challenges are — we’re now well equipped to work together to be your independent voice in Victoria.

    Bob Simpson is the Independent MLA for Cariboo North.


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