Not on Mini-Me’s radar screen

The BC Liberal Minister of Everything is in damage control mode while the boss travels the province looking for bridges, lakes and mountains to re-name and his other political colleagues spend the morning at CKNW, learning how calls are screened – a skill some may need after February 26th.

Last year, authorities discovered that two unqualified radiologists were working in the system, analyzing thousands of diagnostic and obstetrical scans. Although people in the Fraser and Vancouver Coastal Health Authorities have been aware of the situation for months, Mini-Me says the he knew nothing about it until last week. Like HST, the issue was simply not on his radar screen before it became public. According to Hansen, they now may have to find other ways of solving the shortage of skilled health technicians.

BTW, to refresh the memory about Hansen’s veracity, read Charlie Smith at The Georgia Straight. Excerpt:

His credibility took a beating in many British Columbians’ eyes this week when a six-page document was released to the media. It showed that he had been briefed on the HST in March.

Earlier this week, I wrote a post offering three possible explanations for Hansen’s “not on the radar screen” comment.

One, he was lying.

Two, he stored this memory in his nonconscious mind, so he’s not aware of this consciously.

Three, his memory is faulty. It wouldn’t be the first time a politician had erroneously recalled something.

But there is a fourth explanation, which I didn’t mention in the previous blog post.

It’s that Hansen never knew that there was a secret plot to introduce the HST after the election because his boss, Premier Gordon Campbell, never told him about it.

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  1. Don't know about Hansen, not knowing about the HST. I think Campbell, Hansen and Harper, had this all set up long before the BC election. Those HST papers went to Harper, far, far too soon. Wouldn't something like have to worked on for months in advance. I believe Jack Layton, when he said, this was Harper's Sales Tax. BC's HST does nothing for the BC citizens at all. Harper has our HST, and I consider it Pffft gone!! Never to be seen again. The BC people could see, the HST would kill this province, and it has. Why would Campbell be so stupid, as to give that money away? Or is the rumor true, Campbell works for Harper? As far as I am concerned. Harper, Campbell and the BC Liberals, belong in, the ninth ring of Dante's Inferno. Best place for them.


  2. Mini-me is like so many other Liberals thinks the universe revolves around them. They are the elites, the ruling classes and as we now see in Egypt, the ruling classes can come tumbling down in very quick time – especially if the peons are pissed off.

    Trust me, this peon is!


  3. There is no doubt, Campbell and the BC Liberals, are the granddaddy of all, idiot governments. BC's rivers, Campbell sold, will be totally destroyed, the eco damage is going to be devastating. Flooding the best prime farmland in Canada. The site C dam is really for, the dirty Alberta tar sands. An abomination on the face of Canada. The dirty crude pipeline, coming from the dirty tar sands, going across hundreds of rivers, streams and lands, total idiocy. Bringing dirty oil tankers from China, into the most dangerous seas there are. Dumping toxic mine waste, into Fish Lake, which will leach into our drinking water. Dunce!! Harper and Campbell's plot, to drill gas and oil wells, off BC's coast. A 6.1 earthquake in the Queen Charlotte's. How stupid. The theft and sale of the BCR. The HST, that destroyed our province. Campbell's corrupt government. Corrupt judicial system. Corrupt RCMP. Corrupt Elections BC. Corrupt media propaganda machine. There is not one shred of decency or honesty, left in this province, it's all crap and corruption. The history books, should have a field day with this, corrupt BC Liberal era.


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