Independent Power Producers (IPP)

Friends help friends

In the preceding article, Motorcycle guy pointed us to the speakers schedule for a conference of the Independent Power Producers of BC, the savvy folks who changed their name to one that scored higher on a marketing survey: Clean Energy Association of BC. For convenience of readers, I added a pdf version to the blog.

The published schedule included one segment that promised:

E-savvy stakeholders can be your best friend or your worst nightmare when it comes to sharing information and encouraging dialogue around clean energy project development. A diverse group of top local bloggers, tweeters and opinion shapers will share their views and demonstrate that a social media presence, no matter how small, can make a big difference in how your project will be perceived by a growing segment of society.

I discovered a pre-print draft of the promo piece for that segment. It provide a little more information about the speakers but the text shown in red was deleted before publication.

Moderator : Elisha McCallum, Director of Communications, Plutonic Power Corporation, a former BC Hydro officer who, like numerous other ex BC Hydro employees, preferred employment with power companies intending to sell power to BC Hydro.


  • Alexandra Samuel – CEO, Social Signal, a specialist who trains corporations and marketers to use social media, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. more effectively. For example, how you can pretend to be Joe Average citizen and sell your company’s message as if you speak as the voice of the people. Learn to go beyond ‘Anonymous’, set up your own online personalities. Invent disguises because a flood is better than a drop.
  • Chris Hatch – Blogger, PowerUp Canada, Tzeporah Berman’s husband, teaches how to be a green tinged environmentalist whose favorite green is 6 x 2.75 inches and comes in different denominations.
  • Gillian Shaw – Journalist, Vancouver Sun, teaches how a platform with British Columbia’s leading daily leads to new opportunities to earn income from the industries your daily covers regularly.
  • Raul Pacheco-Vega, Principal, Hummingbird Strategy, a specialist in combining academic associates with industrial associates to maximize earnings opportunities for both.
  • James Glave – James Hoggan And Associates, demonstrates how to live with one foot in the world of extractive and exploitative industries while the other stands firmly with the altruistic advocates of a serene and protected wilderness.

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  1. Great “find” on that pre-draft. I do see that on the 2005 list of attendees “Snakes and Ladders” did make the final draft as title for the theme of that year. Must have been before they hired the professionals.


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