Sacrifices must be made

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Global TV and their media partners want you to know we cannot afford reasonable healthcare because economic affairs are so bad that we’ve had to freeze the minimum wage for a decade. But, here is one radical news source that hints at something else:

From the The Financial Times, March 2/11

The top 10 hedge funds made $28bn for clients in the second half of last year, $2bn more than the net profits of Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Barclays and HSBC combined, according to new data.

Even the biggest of the hedge funds have only a few hundred employees, while the six banks employ 1m between them. According to the data, the top 10 funds have earned a total of $182bn for investors since they were founded . . .

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  1. By the way, insert “hedge fund insider trading” into a search engine and you get one idea of how and why hedge funds can spin giant profits.


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