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  1. Well Norm, after reading this article earlier this morning, I was asking myself again, WHY is this not a bigger concern than the HST fiasco. This is all part of the legislated “Clean Energy Act” to which no consultation will take place. That's the way our promises for more transparency Liberals want it.
    I was suggesting to my wife, that the people of BC need to wake up and the first thing we should do, is file a class action lawsuit against the Liberals for not protecting my investment in BC Hydro. Can you imagine if 3 million people said, not another dime until you open the books and give me the same deal you gave the IPP's and that we know includes the GE of America.

    Guy in Victoria


  2. Unbelievable. Why on earth do British Columbians tolerate this sort of thing? Is it the Stockholm Syndrome or what?


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