Real commentary replaces usual MSM puffery

If we regularly saw commentary like Iain Hunter: Memo to Clark: Public has an interest, the blog world would be almost irrelevant. This is smart and well written, the kind of work we expect from real journalists.

It’s pretty brave of our un-elected premier to talk about families at all, given the number of malcontents who keep raising questions about some of her relations in connection with the B.C. Rail scandal.

This old boxcar won’t easily be shunted off to a political siding any time soon. But no one should be surprised that Clark refuses to revisit an issue that she’s declared already is behind us.

Offering to air this tawdry affair before a commission of inquiry undoubtedly would provide a quasijudicial stonewall to impertinent Opposition questions in the legislature. But it would keep the issue before the public for a long time -even into the next election campaign -and might rather spoil Liberal fortunes.

One thing Clark might have learned from Campbell is that the public’s interest is not the same thing at all as the public interest…

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  1. I think there are far too many BC people, objecting to Christy saying, the BCR is behind us. That is not the way citizens feel. We want our BCR back, we feel ripped off. Campbell said, the BCR wasn't for sale, to win the election. He out and out blatantly lied to us. There is no way, the BC people are going to, forget about this scam.


  2. Great Article! Hunter has dethroned Palmer as a political observant.

    Note to Christy: BCR- we and want enquiry. 6$mill to crooks; we want an accounting!


  3. Campbell out and out lied since 2001 and still continues to do so. The man is not mentally balanced – psychopathic narcissist and a recorded drunk one at that !

    There will be little change – if any, from Christ Clark being sworn in as the BC Liberal leader. Like all of the BC Liberal MLA's, Clark is just as guilty of the dishonesty that went on, as is Campbell. Each and every BC Liberal MLA had a choice and they all chose to back Campbell throughout – publicly at least.

    Don't think we will see any real changes that will benifit the people of British Columbia or the province itself. It will continue to be the same old greedy trough feeding philosophy -making fat cats even fatter.



  4. No one to date has paid the political price for Campbell. That is the reason why Christy will be going down. They always let a woman in to do this dirty job. Sucks, but I don't care. I hate the Libs.



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