Not even a tawdry veil of objectivity

In October, Sun pundit Vaughn Palmer wrote that if Carole James were to resign as leader, the NDP would become involved in “a bitter, divisive contest” leading to selection of a leader “who might very well be no more acceptable to voters (and perhaps less so) than the likable, experienced James.”

At that point, Palmer was claiming James as the safe, decent, perhaps only, choice for NDP leader because there was “no appealing candidate” to replace her, particularly one acceptable to the party’s lefties who lamented “the dismantling of the Berlin Wall.”

I suppose Palmer and his colleagues still see no worthy candidate to lead the NDP. That would explain why they are all but ignoring the leadership race and its surrounding issues. One would think a bitter, divisive contest would attract the attention of he who claims to be the “eyes and ears of British Columbians.”

With less than three weeks before voting and the all-candidates debates completed on subjects of Education, Justice, Poverty and Families, coverage in the mainstream media is almost absent. After Thursday’s debate in Nelson, the Vancouver Sun published a short piece, barely 400 words, accompanied by an old file photo of a single candidate. The report was from, not one of the Sun’s political reporters, but a local freelancer who writes for the Slocan Valley Current, an online magazine blog.

That coverage was a step up for the Vancouver Sun. Jonathan Fowlie had written an anticipatory article before the debates but BC’s largest newspaper has committed almost no resources to covering the NDP leadership.

Perhaps, they have simply been too busy shilling for the woman who couldn’t get elected Mayor of Vancouver when she last faced voters. Now that she has the backing of Kinsella, Morgan and the think-tank cabals, the Sun treats their media star to near endless coverage.

For example, a Google News search matching the term “Vancouver Sun” with “Clark” yielded 164 hits from the past month. By comparison, changing “Clark” to the name “Horgan” produced 3 hits, “Dix” and “Farnworth” each produced two hits. Not very scientific but quite revealing of what the Vancouver Sun is covering.

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  1. The media should hang their collective heads in shame, for the folly that is now called the mainstream media.

    If the late Jack Webster were alive today, he would demand back every Webster Award given and condemn those who have so tarnished his name, to an eternity in hell.

    Journalism in BC, thy name is Yellow!


  2. The media in BC, are just propaganda rags, for the BC Liberals. BC people know what the media will say, even before they say it. All very predictable.

    And no, they have no shame. The BC citizens, are ashamed for them.

    The BC Liberal Party have no shame either. They are the most corrupt political party in Canadian history. The corruption starts at the top of the food chain, and the rot has spread into every service, every nook and cranny, throughout the entire province.

    Our beautiful province, is the most disgraceful, corrupt, province in Canada.


  3. I am very curious as to why Christy Clark has, a Conservative strategist working for her?

    It really does seem, the BC Liberal Party, and the BC Conservative Party, are one and the same. I think most BC people know, Campbell works for Harper. They are working on some projects together. So, the Federal Conservatives, provincial Conservatives and the BC Liberals, are all in cahoot's together?

    The Federal Liberals and the Provincial Liberals, seem totally different.

    I have been trying to figure out who to vote for. I won't vote for Harper, he and Campbell are good buddies, and have the same governing strategies. It seems as though, it will not be, to vote someone in, it will be a vote, to keep someone out.

    So for the provincial election, whenever that is. The Liberals and the Conservatives are both out, because, they are the same. However, the NDP have very good candidates. I really like Horgan. Farnworth and Dix aren't too shabby either. Our province and the people, would be safe with them.

    Politics are as clear as mud to me.


  4. I agree with your column.
    If one didn't know the NDP was having a leadership race, you certainly wouldn't know it by the msm coverage. You wouldn't even know BC had another party.
    It is clear who the msm work for and it isn't their readers
    The msm is too busy doing press released for the lieberals, etc.
    with all the corruption in this province any good reporter could fill a book and then some. Marjorie Nichols and Webster must be turning over in their graves.
    The msm just isn't relevant anymore and that is most likely why readership of the Sun and Province is going down hill as are the number of viewers watching the msm “news”.
    I guess the editors haven't figured out yet people might start reading and watching again if there was something worth reading and watching.
    More information is put out by small local papers and bloggers than anything coming out of msm.


  5. It is one thing for Postmedia, Global TV etc. to ignore the NDP and the almost 40% of the electorate naturally attached to them. Soon, the BC Conservative Party will have a credible leader in John Cummins. Then it will become difficult for media to pretend BC Liberals are the only provincial party in existence.

    I'm sure real conservatives want a principled option where they can vote. At this point the BC Liberals' main values are greed and exploitation. They don't represent people who want to see BC's traditional values protected. Cummins has credentials and is a straight talker.


  6. As has been stated many times, by many readers – the MSM are nothing but paid advertizement providers. They will print whatever the ad requires – government propaganda, as the government continue to funnel money to the newspapers. Unfortunately, they lose all credibility as a newspaper/TV staion/radio station etc.

    It is a sad sign of the times – money,greed and selfishness above all else.



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