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Ma Barker orders a review of the Barker Gang

Vaughn Palmer’s online column “View from the Ledge” carries a preposterous headline and less than dubious content. Liberals increase scrutiny of B.C. Hydro starts:

Concerned about rising B.C. Hydro rates, Premier Christy Clark and Energy Minister Rich Coleman have ordered a high level review of the finances, planning and structure of the giant crown corporation.

Review to be conducted by three senior public servants: John Dyble, clark’s deputy minister; Peter Millburn, the new deputy minister of finance; and Cheryl Wenezenki-Yolland, till recently the comptroller general though she is now head of environmental assessment.

This piece demonstrates how Palmer and the Vancouver Sun serve the BC Liberal agenda with little regard for revealing their purpose.

The BC Liberals have exercised firm control on the direction of BC Hydro for a decade. They have controlled appointments to the board and the executive suite. Senior managers were fired and transferred for objecting to the independent power projects (IPPs) forced on the agency.

BC Hydro directed tens of billions in forward commitments to private operators, some that were otherwise insolvent companies that had more influence than assets. BC Liberals removed oversight authorities from the BC Utility Commission.

Now, Vaughn Palmer wants you to believe that Christy Clark and her associates worry that some little thing in the public utility has come unglued. Perhaps, Dave Cobb, the CEO they appointed mere months ago has gone astray? Or, the senior executives who earned huge bonuses for the fiscal year just complete. So, BC Liberals appoint BC Liberal insiders to conduct a review. Blindfolds not necessary.

Preposterous. Both as public policy and as journalism.

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  1. Isn't that how they do it….go in, “discover” they are poorly run and “suggest” maybe we should P3 this baby…presto BC for sale….cheap


  2. Sadly Palmer has become a Liberal toady, who writes puff pieces to appease advertisers to his paper. Sad, how the mighty have fallen grovelling for a few coins tossed to them by their masters. No integrity, no moral fibre, no honesty; just part of the BC Liberal/PAB machine.

    And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed-if all records told the same tale-then the lie passed into history and became truth. 'Who controls the past' ran the Party slogan, 'controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.'”

    George Orwell – 1984


  3. Evil Eye, it may be worse than serving advertisers. I have seen evidence of newspaper people being paid for services to the independent power producers. I asked the Vancouver Sun editors whether or not this was acceptable according to their policy. Despite numerous inquires, they declined to admit or deny.


  4. All the real estate news is not realy news but shameles manipulation. This is only a newpaper in name, and until we stop suporting them, and Vaughn , they wll continue with their shrill.


  5. Another reason for this “concern” is an old Liberal election trick. Let's have a review of BC Hydro and when a bye-election or election is called we can avoid the serious issues. When Christy & her gang are asked about Hydro the classic response will be “I believe it's unfair to comment at this time, let's give the review panel time to do it's work”. Christy picked that up from the 6 year BC Rail court case. “i can't comment on that while it's before the court”
    The bottom line Norm, we all know what is wrong with BC Hydro and it starts with the Liberals and ends with IPP's.

    Guy in Victoria


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