Harper Government

Hypocrisy can afford to be magnificent in its promises, for never intending to go beyond promise, it costs nothing – Edmund Burke

Montreal Gazette editorial:

“Be afraid, Canadians. Be very, very afraid. That’s the message Stephen Harper has put up front at the outset of this federal election campaign. What we should fear, according to the Conservative leader, is the looming coalition.

“The “socialist-separatist” coalition, the “unstable” coalition, the “reckless” coalition, the “illegitimate” coalition. In a Sunday campaign speech Harper invoked the coalition bogeyman fully 21 times. . . “

2004 Federal Coalition Letter
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  1. Harper stoops so low that he is trying to frighten and intimidate the voting people of Canada.

    Oh – boy, this man is despicable and gives not a fig, for the people or the country – just about his absolute power as in a dictator.

    Time to turf this a***hole out on his ear and let a party that is concerned about the best for Canada, try it's hand at running the country. Harper has blown it and shown himself to be no better than anyone else.



  2. What alarms me are, the Canadians who don't see through Harper.

    Harper has involved Canada into two wars. The bill is over $36 billion. The cost will run into billions more. Harper has now extended our troops time in Afghanistan. His jets with no engines, are running to the billions. Canada has always been a peacekeeping nation. We did not bomb, innocent civilians until Harper's leadership. These war debts could cost us our health care, and, other services we tax payers do pay for.

    There was also, the Conservatives storming Guelph University, to stop students from voting. They even tried to seize the ballot boxes. This is fascism and dictatorship. Harper had a 3x convicted felon working for him. Conservatives are in contempt of the House. Harper is far too arrogant and stubborn to do the best for our country. You do nor prorogue Parliament twice within a years time, to avoid questions, from who he considers, inferior opposition.

    Harper gave, banks, mines, large corporations, gas and oil company's, billions of our tax dollars. I saw that motion pass on , the House of Commons TV channel. He also gave these company's, huge tax reductions. He gave these giant corporations, another tax reduction, to come off Canadians paychecks. Why is Harper giving the wealthiest corporations in the world our tax dollars? Our tax dollars belong to us. Harper has no right to thieve our tax dollars, to give to giant greedy outfits.

    If Harper wins a majority, there will be no more Canada. He will give our nation to, these huge businesses he works for.

    I sincerely hope Jack Layton becomes our P.M. I do believe, Jack has a deep concern for this country and the citizens. He would never give Canada away, as Harper will.

    I also hope, if Harper wins a minority, the opposition will form a coalition, and get rid of Harper. This is our country, not Harper's to give away.


  3. I fear the cunning and take pity on the studpid.

    What alarms me is that they see him for exactly who he is.

    It is disturbing to know that Harper-martinet-lettes are my neighbours and colleagues.


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