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I have been investigating public health services up close and personal but expect to be heading home soon after a sojourn at Lions Gate Hospital. Blogging wll resume next week.

Indeed, I am at home June 23 after almost 2 weeks in hospital. I won’t bother readers with immediate details – I’m not even sure what they are anyway – but I will recap the experience a little later when its causes and outcome are more clear. At this point, I face long rehab, including probably 6-8 months to deal with shoulder reconstruction by Dr. Peter Zarkadas.

My crisis probably began with a blood electrolyte disturbance that led to physical and mental impairments and resulted in unconsciousness and severe injury from a fall. As a bonus, while I was in hospital, the medical experts identified a sleep apnea breathing disorder that needs treatment.

Certainly, I have a lengthy list of new personal heroes, from the first responders of the North Van Fire Department and the BC Ambulance Service to Lions Gate Hospital physicians, surgeons, technicians and nursing care specialists. Having effective emergency healthcare is a matter of choice and for many of us, the choice may be between life and death. I salute and say thank you to the people who deliver medical services in British Columbia.

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  1. Gee, here I thought you were on a lovely vacation again and was looking forward to spectacular stories on your return!!
    Now I am really worried!! : (
    Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you, or your family Norman!! Be well, we need you desperately!!


  2. Now take your vitamins, get your walk in every day and eat healthy so you can get better and keep us informed of your great insight.


  3. Thanks for the update Norman.

    Take your time – we're looking forward to seeing you use that new shoulder to start serving up the 100 mph aces again.

    In the meantime, we'll keep a light burning in the bloggosphere for you.



  4. Hello Norm,
    Like the rest I missed your point of view and spot on perspective very much.I was wondering often what was tying you up and now I know.
    Hope the recovery goes well Norm and as others have said and I concur, we need you.
    All the Best


  5. I also have missed your well expressed comments, along with all of you worthy links. Your blog is a source of information that should be carried in mainstream media. Get well soon!


  6. After checking your site pretty much daily, I assumed you were having a well deserved vacation, so was looking forward to stories about your jaunt. I wish that had been the case!

    So sorry to hear you're not on top of the world, wishing you a speedy recovery with no set-backs Norm. Very much looking forward to your “blogging” return. All the Best.


  7. Sorry to read of your misfortune Norm. It is good to see your praise of the emergency services and the hospital that looked after your needs in an admirable way.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery and fear not the CPAP machine – it has done wonders for me.

    Thank you


  8. Glad to hear you're on the mend but sorry to hear that it happened at all.

    Like other posters I was hoping you'd been off on another great vacation.

    Anyways, welcome back!


  9. I am relieved you are O.K. I was worried, because, suddenly you were gone. I checked your site everyday, looking for news of you.

    I am happy you are getting well again. Looking forward to your next post.


  10. Will only echo others' thoughts here, Norm. Your astute observations have been sorely missed, but I wish you good health.


  11. I would like to add my wishes for a full and comfortable recovery with time to reflect before jumping back into the fray. Sorry to hear that health complications were at the root of the hiatus, but I'll have a thought for you each day as I stop by to check in.


  12. Hi Norm, like many others I would check in often….real good to hear your “voice” again. RossK says it well… “we're looking forward to seeing you use that new shoulder to start serving up the 100 mph aces again”. People like myself appreciate the inspiration to comment and/or just plain talk about your articles with others outside the “blogoshpere”…whether they be 100mph aces on government policy or general interest to make us pause and reflect. Make sure you follow the doctor's orders and kick back over the summer to allow a proper recovery. I never notice any more if I haven't read the paper for a while or if I got home too late to catch the evening TV news….but I sure notice when you haven't blogged that day! I can't believe the newspapers/TV aren't catching on to how much credibility they are losing….and just how much blogs like yours have got people involved and talking around those workplace lunchroom tables.


  13. Hi Norm, and everyone else. I had to sign back in to say, motorcycleguy you speak for me too.

    We just cancelled the last of the newspapers we used to get, and gave up cable TV a year ago. Norm's is the first site I go to every day to see what's happening.

    Yah can't buy credibility … you can rent it, but the shoddy quality is apparent to all. Norm's got quality and integrity in spades, and he's got the investigative and writing skills that one longs for in the so-called “professional media”.

    Take the opportunity to have a real laid-back summer Norm, just dipping your toe in the journalistic waters only as and when the muse wafts by.


  14. Norm,
    I miss your intelligence, generous heart and thoughtful writing. Even in your note you write more about the people who have helped you than your own medical problems. That is the measure of the man.


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