Not a chance in the world of interference

Talking about the HST referendum, BC Liberal highbinder Kevin Falcon assures us that:

“. . . he has confidence in Elections BC to oversee the vote.

“This is getting increasingly ridiculous,” said Falcon. “There’s not a chance in the world that we’re going to interfere with their [Elections BC] independence or start telling them how they should run and oversee a referendum.”

Remember though, there was not a chance in the world that Liberals would interfere with the judicial process in the fraudulent sale of BC Rail. Except, they did. Blogger Ian Reid revealed part of the real story in his excellent indictment of Liberal politicians and BC media.

“. . . affidavits showed that Gordon Campbell’s deputy minister Ken Dobell had violated the terms of the court ordered protocol for vetting potentially privileged documents relevant to the investigation. The violation was not an innocent mistake as Dobell helped draft the vetting protocol document under the auspices of Chief Justice Dohm.

“. . . Dobell was not one of the five people entitled to see documents and Dobell had not signed any confidentiality agreement at the time he saw the documents in question. Under the terms of this legally binding protocol Dobell was not allowed to see these documents in the context of the case.

“Along with the documents Dobell was given a list of the questions the RCMP intended to ask Cabinet Ministers Collins and Reid and other government employees as well as a short note briefing him on timing and other issues.

“In other words the senior member of Gordon Campbell’s staff was provided with documents the RCMP thought relevant to the investigation along with the RCMP’s questions about those documents and how they related to the sale.”

Political interference was the order of the day:

  • in the BC Rail affair, from the 2004 leak to bidders that reported blow by blow Cabinet discussions about the sale, to the 2010 muting of justice by the Basi/Virk settlement involving a $6 million payment to the defendants, trivial punishments and secrecy agreements all round.
  • as BC Hydro ran up $55 billion (yes, billion) in obligations to private power producers.
  • as the foreign fish farmers gained protected status that overruled independent scientists managing the fisheries resources.
  • as plans were made for oil and gas pipelines from Alberta to the coast of BC so that an oilport in Kitimat could service supertankers bound for China.
  • as bridges and highways were constructed and designed in the lower mainland while Liberal friendly developers gained millions from land speculation aided by insider knowledge. 

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  1. The BC Liberals have been deceiving and stealing from the BC people, for over ten years now. If anything, Christy and Falcon use tactics just as dirty, or dirtier than, Campbell, Harper and Hansen used.

    We do not only have to worry about China's dirty oil tankers, but also England and U.S. dirty tankers as well.

    Campbell's reward for doing Harper's dirty work, is a cushy job as High Commissioner to England. Harper wants Campbell to further work on the dirty tar sands, to be brought to England. Europe has a ban on the dirty tar sands, they are furious at England for breaking their word.

    The Brits have demonstrated at the High Commissioners office, against the dirty crud being used in England. The Brits don't take the crap from their government, as the Canadians do. Nor is England's paparazzi bought off or muzzled.

    Many people have sent all the info on Campbell to England, including his drunk mug shot. All of Campbell's, evil lies, thefts, dirty tactics, corruption and dirty deeds, have all been sent.

    Harper's part in these dirty deeds, have been sent too. The horrible video's of the Alberta dirty tar sands, also went.

    Many other country's politicians, don't like Harper. He is called a petty gasbag. He is arrogant, stubborn and impossible to work with. He seems to have grandiose ideas, of Canada being an energy giant. He wants all of that power and glory. He seems to be unaware of, the snickers behind his back.

    God knows, Harper has embarrassed Canadians on many occasions. Sending Campbell with his low character, as High Commissioner to England, is the grand daddy of all embarrassments.


  2. It doesn't matter how many times, the BC Liberals have been caught in corruption, lies, thieving, and cheating to win. Nothing is ever done about it. That this lowlife, evil BC Liberal Party still exists, blows me away. It doesn't matter to them, how shameful they are, they keep right on with their, lies, and corruption.

    What about the blank HST contract papers, pulled from the FOI? What about the dirty deed, of secretly giving, firms with Liberals ties, the money for the pro HST campaign. What about the abomination of these, stupid referendum ballots?

    There is not one thing in this province, that isn't corrupt. The stink of the BC Liberals, is known as far away as Australia. Their newspaper also said, how badly democracy has eroded in Canada.

    What is it going to take? A revolution? Deadly civil disobedience, or what?


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