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July 30, 2011, from Associated Press by

“Thirty-six years after Richard Nixon testified to the Watergate grand jury, a federal judge yesterday ordered the first public release of the transcript about the break-in that drove him from the presidency.

“The 297-page transcript will not be available immediately but will be held until the government decides whether to appeal . . .

“The Obama administration opposed the transcript’s release. . .”

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  1. Quote:

    “The Obama administration opposed the transcript's release. . .”

    End of quote.

    Norm, the Obama administration seems to be making a bad choice here. Why would they be protecting the old Nixon Republican archives from scrutiny? Would you talk a bit about this?


  2. I'm afraid that the difference between Democrats and Republicans is less than most progressives assumed, or at least hoped for.

    The official reason for opposing release of transcripts is to protect the privacy of people discussed during the ex-president's testimony who are still alive. That is because influential people in the USA want Nixon's reputation to be rehabilitated not further marred.

    There are familiar and odious names attached to the Nixon Foundation. September 7, warmonger Dick Cheney is doing a lecture and book signing at the California library honouring the former President. “Visionary architect” Newt Gingrich did the same Aug 17. The Heritage Foundation and countless right wing whackos like Laura Ingraham are part of re-designing Richard Nixon's reputation.

    In other words, the Washington DC movers and shakers would rather the transcripts were destroyed forever.


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