. . . a parking lot with a pink hotel, a boutique. And a swinging hot spot . . .

“was up at Narrows Inlet for a week plus…..taken a couple of days
ago…..don’t want to see penstocks, powerlines and powerhouses in the next


Renewable Power Corporation (RPC) hopes to submit their application before the end of this year to build five run-of-river hydro projects in Narrows Inlet.

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  1. Why are these sweet contracts being gifted out by our provincial government. Virtually all the hydro power produced is for export, and all profits go to the corporate IPP's. For British Columbians there is nothing to gain…and sooo much to lose. A sell out of our natural water resources, their dependent ecosystems and our amazing natural beauty. We are blessed to live in the most beautiful places on earth. And our elected government is selling us out and destroying it all.

    It's criminal and non-reversible. Wake-up folks!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. maybe someone like Joni Mitchell (who lives on the Sunshine Coast) could vocalize these concerns in a manner that would reach more of the general population


  3. That is a good question…I know I have seen her (and her daughter) several times over the last 20 or so years but admit not recently. Though not the paparazzi type, I admit I would like to “hear” her views on these proposals. I did write to Sarah McLachlan to see if she was aware of impending industrialization of the scenic backdrops to the Olympic “You Gotta Be There” commercials for “SuperNatural BC”. Terry Jacks still lives there…wonder which way he is going on this. I long for the olden days of protest songs…..that sure got young people involved….leads to my previous comments about wanting to don a sandwich board and go to universities and colleges to protest the lack of protest about what we are all losing here.


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