". . . the film in its entirety is positively gut-wrenching"

Salmon Farms: Feedlots of the Seas, by Barry Estabrook, The Atlantic Monthly

“I’ve visited salmon farms, read scientific articles, and interviewed the multi-billion-dollar industry’s advocates and detractors, but never have I encountered anything as graphic as the film Farmed Salmon Exposed by Canadian filmmaker Damien Gillis, which will be available online later this week as part of the Pure Salmon Campaign’s Global Week of Action. Be warned, there are some extremely disturbing images in the clip, and the film in its entirety is positively gut-wrenching.”

View the 23-minute video without charge by clicking below:


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  1. I use to like Norway and their people, but, no more. This is an evil terrible thing Norway is doing, to other country's peoples survival.

    The First Nations people of BC, depend on the salmon, to help feed their people. The bears depend on salmon. Eagles depend on the salmon. Many wildlife species, depend on the salmon.

    However, Harper could care less about our salmon. He could care less about, stringing a pipeline across, rivers, streams, and lands. Which will burst and poison. Enbridge has the worst record for pipeline bursts in the world. Harper cares so little about our sea, he is going to force the Enbridge pipeline through, into our province. He will further threaten our ocean, with dirty oil tankers from, China, U.S. and England, into our most treacherous sea waters, in the world.

    BC is OUR province, not Harper's. We will have to resort to, civil disobedience and tear those g.d. fish farms out of OUR sea. I hope all the other country's, do exactly that. Norway doesn't give a s..t about us. It's time we started to feel the same way about Norway.

    Harper is useless, for saving any eco systems. He has grandiose plans to make himself, an energy giant. He will pollute the entire planet, for that power and glory. He wants to peddle, the dirty tar sands, far and wide across the planet.

    Scientists have found acid in the ocean, right up to the shores of BC. The acid will eat the shells off the crustaceans. Fossil fuels are killing our oceans. The tar sands are the dirties energy on the planet. Does Harper care? Hell no. He wants to bask in his glory.


  2. Careful, don't blame the nation's people for the actions of a few. One of those few is John Fredriksen, Norwegian plutocrat who is the largest owner of BC coastal salmon farms. Additionally, he is the owner of the largest oil tanker fleet in the world and is involved in offshore driling.

    Fredriksen made his fortune during the Iran-Iraq wars in the 1980s when his tankers picked up oil for great profits. As described by his biographer, “he was the lifeline to the Ayatollah.”

    There is much to admire about the Norwegian people. By example, after the recent shooting tragedy, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said, “The Norwegian response to violence is more democracy, more openness and greater political participation.”


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