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BC Hydro CEO proves online journalists correct

Go immediately to The Common Sense Canadian and read Rafe Mair’s new article: Hydro Chief’s Leaked Comments Trash IPPs – What Will Clark Do Now?

“You could have blown me over with a feather when I read in the Weekend Sun excerpts of an internal conference call in which Dave Cobb, president of Hydro, condemns the government’s IPP policy. A recording of the call – which occurred August 12, on the heels of the recent panel report on the utility’s financial situation – was leaked to the paper. Cobb pulled no punches, detailing his concerns with the government’s exaggerated “self-sufficiency” and “insurance” requirements:

“‘If it doesn’t change, it would be hundreds of millions of dollars per year that we would be spending of our ratepayers’ money with no value in return,’ said Cobb.”

Wow. The wizards directing BC Hydro these last few years are revealed as naked and it was BC Hydro’s new CEO who pulled back the curtain. Explain your way out of this one BC Liberals.

Mr. Cobb needs to talk not of “hundreds of millions of dollars per year”, he needs to speak about the whole tab, 50 or so billions of dollars. Don’t miss my Friday article at Northern Insights: BC Hydro – ultimate comfort station for pretend capitalists.

By the way readers, when you go to The Common Sense Canadian, look for the donate button and contribute if you can.

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  1. Wow is right.

    Living in BC, trying to get a straight answer from anyone in authority on any subject is like chipping away at a Berlin Wall of lies, deception, corruption and subterfuge.

    But the Berlin Wall did come down, eventually. Now we have a leak. A rare leak. All it takes is one to start a flood, a deluge of leaks. Come on you good public servants, there has to be a few more of you.

    Wonder why the V Sun printed it though. I don't for a minute think this means they've suddenly decided to be a responsible media organization that actually cares about BC and its people. Sorry, they'll have to build a much longer track record for me to have any trust in them again.

    Thanks Norm for pointing us to Rafe's latest excellent article.

    The Campbell/Clark regime, indeed.


  2. Anyone trusting the media, had better be very cautious.

    They fully supported that monster of a Campbell and his corrupt Liberal government. What he did to the people of this province…His thefts, lies, deceit, corruption, and twice lying to be re-elected. He deserves, a very long prison term. AND, the media fully backed him up. Shame on them. They are a disgrace to their professions.

    The media, also fully supported Christy and spread her lies, all over the country too. Falcon and his threats. Elections BC and their dirty tactics and corruption, and, the media kissing, all their butts. There is not one thing in this province, that isn't corrupt. I include the media. They treated the people of this province, like dirt.

    The BC Liberals and the media, all belong in, the 9th ring of Dante's inferno. That is, if they will even be accepted there.


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