BC Liberals

Question not answered that still needs answer

Charlie Smith: “What do you say to someone who wonders if the government has
directed government advertising to Canwest in return for political contributions?”

Off camera Bridgitte Anderson, Gordon Campbell’s Press
Secretary interrupted and objected to the question…

Hat tip: Paul, commenting at Harvey Oberfeld’s site “Keeping it Real…

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  1. My. my. Mr. Hansen says, the HST cost very little to force onto the BC people. Why are the BC Liberals stating, it will take billions to remove that miserable tax? It took, only 90 days, to force the HST onto the people. But, they can't remove the HST until 2013? As usual, the BC Liberals stink to high heaven, yet again.

    The Liberals lie so much, they can't remember the first lie they have told. They contradict themselves over and over.

    I really hope the BC Liberals, appreciate Campbell's cushy appointment of High Commissioner to England. They must do, or they wouldn't have supported all of his lies, deceit, corruption and his cheating to win. I really hope, they love Harper as Campbell did. Harper played a big part in, the stabs in the backs, of the BC Liberals to-day.

    Campbell's reward to his party was, a huge dirty, stinking pile of odure for them to wallow in.


  2. Thanks for spreading the YouTube link around.

    The $50,000 that Canwest (Vancouver Sun, Vancouver Province, etc) donated to the BC Liberal Party is still on the Elections BC website.
    Contributor Name: CANWEST MEDIA INC

    Date: 2005/05/11

    Amount: $50,000.00


    Here's the Elections BC Canwest link:
    Elections BC – Canwest Contribution

    And it looks like Christy Clark appreciates Campbell's cushy appointment of High Commissioner to England.

    Here's what she said about the appointment.

    Christy Clark:

    “Gordon Campbell has contributed much to public life in British Columbia, serving as Mayor of Vancouver and Premier of British Columbia with distinction.”

    “In particular, he always took into account the needs of the entire country and worked to build Canada and unite Canadians.”

    “I wish Gordon and Nancy all the best and thank them for taking on this new role in public service,”

    Who's Nancy? lol



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