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Honours for sale in British Columbia?

The above is from a search of the FRPCS site of Elections BC done September 3, 2011. Searching on the name ‘Aquilini’ returns a listing of donations with a total of $530,130. This is the distribution between parties:

  • BC NDP – $2,500
  • BC Liberal Party – $527,630

Did that half million plus of donations to BC Liberals influence award of the Order of British Columbia to Luigi Aquilini? Premier Christy Clark’s office could answer that question conclusively. The rest of us can draw our own conclusions.

As a resident born in Vancouver and decades ago, a poor university student seeking rental accommodation, the name Aquilini was known to me. A search of newspaper archives would produce plenty of mentions of this name in rental issues and here is one result regarding Aquilini as landlord. This is from University of British Columbia student newspaper The Ubyssey, February 28, 1980:

[BC Rentalsman] Jim Patterson said press attempts to find tyrannical landlords following a rentalsman’s raid on a landlord last week are unfair. “The majority of of landlords are reasonable people. They’re concerned about the publicity.”

The “bad publicity” follows raids on Aquilini and Zen construction companies, both charged with repeatedly raising rental charges above the legal limit allowed under the Landlord and Tenant Act. “The landlord thought ‘Why not charge illegal rents  because if I get caught, I just have to give back the excess?”

Aquilini also forced residents of a Bidwell Street apartment to go without B.C. Hydro heating fuel Monday because the company failed to pay an outstanding Hydro bill…”

In 2007’s The Hellhole, Vancouver Magazine referred to the Aquilini reputation now being somewhat rehabilitated from when “the Zens and Aquilinis came under assault from the media, from the (now extinct) tenants’ watchdog, the Rentalsman, and from the B.C. Legislature.”

A controversy in 2009 involved the award of OBC to Liberal donor Peter Dhillon who had a relationship with troubled former Cabinet Minister Kash Heed. This is from Global TV’s website:

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  1. Questions, questions, questions … will we in B.C. ever get any reliable answers? Nope, I don't think so, not until BC throws these so-called “Liberals” out and starts repairing the damage.

    In my view, that would start with an immediate full Public Inquiry into the sale of BC Rail.

    BC got rid of the HST. BC could get those 3 names off the honours list for this year's OBC.

    There's a full month before the formal investiture on Oct. 4, 2011, at Government House in Victoria.


  2. If this is repetitive, my apologies, but this announcement, added to the unbelievable corruption I have uncovered in the municipality I live in has made my anger reach the “go postal zone”.

    Gordon Campbell, chased from the Premiership after wining a convincing election win, with his HST deception.

    Ken Dobell, former city manager of Vancouver when Gordon Campbell was mayor and follower of patronage perks since. Responsible for the Canada line fiasco, where the taxpayer was forced to pay four times more than it should for a rapid transit connection to Richmond and lobbyist for a firm hawking metro faregates. Know to shred documents.

    Aquilini, slumlord, need I say more.

    David Emmerson, jumped a Liberal ship shortly after being elected as a Liberal, to the Conservatives. His disdain for the electorate is legendary.

    All four have won the Order of BC. Yes, it now seems that failed or deceitful politicians and political hacks or friends of political hacks are now considered for the order of BC.

    What we see is the last desperate hours of a corrupt political regime that has resorted to give awards to all who supported the BC Liberals. They have so cheapened the award, it is now seen merely as a bauble, something that is given in Banana Republic to supporters of corrupt regimes.

    The current premier, is desperate for money and support and awarding a now disgraced medal to self-important people, is advertising that BC is for sale, if any more advertising is needed for the BC Liberals.

    The welling bile in my throat with Campbell, Dobell, Emmereson and Aquilini receiving the Order of BC, absolutely makes me want to up-chuck on anyone who purporters to support the BC Liberals.

    In an age of deceit and corruption, it is no surprise that deceitful and corrupt things happen, but giving those champion deceit and corruption medals, literally is the last straw.

    I do think it is time to take to the streets and show the world how we really feel about Campbell and the province he stole.


  3. Just four names, Norm? I thought I saw several other BC Liberal donors and/or insiders on that list. I sincerely hope that everyone is signing the petition to get Campbell's name off the list, anyway. It's not only immoral, but illegal to nominate someone who was an elected official at the time.

    Also, I'd like to ask everyone to send an e-mail to 'protocol@gov.bc.ca' to let them know how you feel about the nomination of Campbell and his BC Liberal cronies. This is a disgrace to all the good people who are nominated this year, not to mention past honourees.


  4. I think the OBC should be abolished. They are just another corrupt institution of BC.

    They are disgracing an institution, meant for decent and good citizens. That Campbell, the most corrupt and despicable politician, in this nation ever heard of, should receive the OBC, is an outrage. The other three, need to be turfed as well.

    Harper sending the likes of Campbell as High Commissioner to England, he needs to go too. Harper has embarrassed Canadians, far too many times. Our country's good name is being destroyed, by both Harper and Campbell. This country does not deserve either one of them., nor do the citizens.

    Harper, Campbell and Hansen forcing the HST onto the BC people. Campbell's theft and sale of our rivers, plus his corrupt sale of the BCR. And HE, Campbell deserves the OBC or the High Commissioner??? Not on your Nelly.


  5. The corruption in this country and especially in BC, is despicable.

    Campbell and Harper, used every dirty tactic in the book, to force the HST onto the BC people. Lying, deceit, corruption, theft, dirty tactics, arrogance, and cheating the Canadian citizens, is their everyday mantra.

    Good God, Harper giving Campbell the High Commissioners appointment to England. Campbell being given, the OBC. And, then they wonder why, citizens lose it and riot.

    The people of the world, are absolutely sick and tired of being ripped off by corrupt and evil politicians.

    Canada is now no better than Columbia and Equador for corruption. Europe has no use for Canada, because of Harper. The U.S. calls Harper, a petty gasbag. Copenhagen, Denmark has no use for Harper, either.

    None of us can even mention Campbell's name, and seeing his face of TV, makes us gag. Harper is just as slimy. A criminal working for him. The $50 million missing. Contempt of the House. So stubborn and arrogant, no-one can stand him.

    Such depths Canada has sunk to. Other country's are appalled by the erosion of democracy, in our once loved country.


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