Horgan speaks on OBC

The Canadian Press
Date: Tuesday Sep. 6, 2011 8:06 PM ET

VICTORIA — The New Democrat Opposition in B.C. says the rules may not have been followed when former Liberal premier Gordon Campbell was granted one of the province’s top honours.

New Democrat house leader John Horgan says his inbox has been filled with comments from citizens who are wondering if the Order of B.C. was granted too soon.

The deadline for nominations was March 11, but Horgan points out Campbell was a member of the legislature until March 15 and that strikes him as out of order.

Sitting local, provincial and federal politicians aren’t eligible to receive the Order of B.C.

Horgan has sent a letter to the speaker of the B.C. legislature asking him to explain how the nomination was allowed when Campbell was a sitting member.

Several hundred people have signed an online petition saying Campbell isn’t eligible or doesn’t deserve the honour. (Ed. note: Actually 4,349 as of Sept 6, 9:00 PM)

LINK: Gordon Campbell does not Deserve the Order of BC award

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  1. Ian, glad to hear from you again. Wish you the best as i'm sure do your many friends in the world of online discourse.

    I did note that Doug Ward had a piece in the VanSun yesterday that focused particularly on Adrian Dix's polite response to the Campbell OBC. I think the NDP should reconsider the policy of politicians awarding politicians with medals and honours. It is a no win game. If the general world wants to honour and respect or denigrate a former Premier for his accomplishments, or lack thereof, let that happen without government intervention. This smacks of toadies buffing the shoes of the once powerful leader.


  2. The OBC being issued to Campbell too soon???

    There is no possible way, that monster should ever receive the OBC. This is a gross insult to, every decent citizen in this province. Campbell most certainly does not deserve the OBC. He should be booted to the moon, on the toe of someones logging boot. What an utter disgrace, the OBC has turned out to be.

    Shame on the OBC.


  3. I sent a message to the province's Honours and Awards Secretariat. First, I wonder how that provincial organization survived 10 years of BC Liberal efficiencies and austerity. Here is my message:

    I hope you recognize and pass along the outrage honest citizens have for the improper award of OBC to Campbell, Dobell, Emerson and Aquilini. Political frauds, triple dipping lobbyists and slumlords deserve no applause or public recognition. You spoil the value of the award and the appropriate recognition due to real servants of British Columbia. Shame to all involved.

    Here is the response:

    Your recent e –mail concerning the appointment process for the Order of British Columbia has been forwarded to us for response. Your concerns have been duly noted and will be brought up to the attention of the Advisory Council at the next meeting.

    Please access the Order of BC website ( for updated information from the Chief Justice of British Columbia and the chair of the independent Order of B.C. Advisory Council.

    We appreciate you taking the time to bring your concerns to our attention.

    The reply was unsigned.


  4. It just goes to show, the deep, profound corruption in this province.

    Campbell being awarded the OBC, cements how low BC has sunk. There are no morals or ethics, left in our province. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, have certainly proved that, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    What I would really like to know is, who in the hell named Campbell, and the other three cohorts, for the OBC? Who ever did, should be kicked off the planet, for their stupidity.

    Campbell is totally to blame, for the destruction of BC. It was bad enough that monster was given the High Commissioner appointment in England. The BC citizens, have suffered enough because of Campbell and his evil. Campbell deserves a prison cell, not an OBC award.


  5. Despite the pretense of there being a functioning nomination committee that selects all recipients, the obvious facts speak for themselves. This is an award by the Liberal Party, not an award of the people of BC.


  6. The OBC panel knew damned well, the citizens of BC would explode with anger. They couldn't have possibly, picked a worse candidate than Campbell. He is the worst despised, the most corrupt, evil politicians, in the recorded history of Canada.

    Can the BC people have not one institution in this province, that isn't corrupt? What is it going to take, to get a decent honest government in this province?

    Campbell twice lied to win two different elections. He lied, deceived, is corrupt, used every dirty tactic in the book, against his own citizens, and thieved the people and this province blind. And, he gets a g.d. OBC award??? I don't think so. Campbell has the most disgusting political record, ever in this nation.

    Now the Justice of BC school is under attack. Vehicles burnt, houses set on fire, and shots fired. BC is sitting on a tinder box of anger.

    The OBC had better rethink Campbell. This has angered every decent citizen in this province. Campbell has no morals or ethics, what-so-ever. No way in hell, would he ever earn the OBC. The OBC should be for decent people…Not for scum like Campbell.


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