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Little enthusiasm to defend the OBC appointments

Friday afternoon before a long weekend – the favourite moment to dump orphaned news releases. Christy Clark’s associates wanted no relationship to the September 2 appointment of Gordon Campbell to the Order of BC. Lt.-Gov. Steven Point’s official website today makes no mention of the 2011 OBC, despite his name being on last week’s announcement.

After taking the weekend off, the Globe and Mail’s western bureau came to life. Justine Hunter reported John Horgan’s suggestion the award process was rigged:

B.C.’s New Democratic Party is accusing the committee that selects recipients for the Order of B.C. of “rigging” the process in appointing Gordon Campbell just months after he was driven from office over the introduction of the politically toxic HST.

The committee, headed by B.C. Chief Justice Lance Finch, has named the former premier as one of 14 new members of the Order, but nominations closed before Mr. Campbell gave up his seat as an MLA…

…Order of B.C. selections rarely elicit controversy but there was little enthusiasm on Tuesday to defend the appointment.

Mr. Barisoff, a Liberal MLA who served for 15 years under Mr. Campbell’s leadership as party leader and later as premier, is part of the committee, but he referred questions to Chief Justice Finch. A spokesman for Mr. Campbell’s successor, Premier Christy Clark, also deferred to the Chief Justice, who did not respond to media inquiries Tuesday.

Barbara Steele, who is a member of the Order of B.C. Advisory Council as a president of the Union of British Columbia Municipalities, also declined comment on the issue when contacted by The Globe and Mail…

Ms. Hunter notes that Christy Clark is struggling to rebuild BC. Liberal fortunes in the wake of Campbell’s leadership. I suggest that, whenever Campbell’s cronies seek further awards and rewards, the current Premier should pull out a full sized version of this Gerry Hummel cartoon:


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