Party with the plutocrats

From Sister Sage’s Musings

Local right-wing gadfly and embarrassment to the city, Vancouver’s Paris Hilton, Leah Costello, is hosting war criminal Dick Cheney at her very elite, very right wing Bon Mot book club. It is appropriate however that a member of the cocktail wienie set is responsible for inviting such a ‘controversial’ criminal to our country and fair city. Protests are being organized and a healthy turnout is expected.”

For anyone wondering, Leah Costello has had a long connection with the Fraser Institute and the Conservative Party of Canada.

Of course, heavy money fronted Dick Cheney’s visit and we’re safe to say it comes from Canada’s small circle of plutocrats. From the list of sponsors noted here, oil patch exploiters like FirstEnergy and ARC Resources, are involved, along with Postmedia, that objective publisher of “fact” in its dailies and community newspapers.

We can be certain that Harper Conservatives gave quiet assurances and directives that Canada would not be arresting war criminals this month, at least not evildoers who, through the Halliburton Loophole, helped enrich so many ground-destroyers in the energy business.

When Canadian politicians call for “reduction of red tape” they have Cheney as the role model. He pushed through the 2005 energy bill that exempted hydraulic fracturing from the Safe Drinking Water Act. There was no red tape for gas well drillers, but there was poisonous firewater in the taps of homeowners.

Leah Costello with Republican friend, Karl Rove

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  1. Yes, the only war criminals that Canada arrests these days, are 80 year olds. The stench from the likes of Cheney are overwhelming, but of course, the USA doesn't have war criminals because god is always on their side.

    Mi Lai anyone? Does anyone remember? No – pity.


  2. Postmedia supports an architect of torture and war based on lies. I wish I subscribed to one of their newspapers so I could cancel my subscription.


  3. According to my Bob Mackin's Twitter feed, Kevin Falcon, NPA'ers Rob Macdonald and Peter Armstrong attended. I'm sure more from the political world went as well.

    $500 per person. It's good to be Dick Cheney.


  4. Well we sort of all knew, what sort of people would attend a war criminals speech. Falcon for certain, would be a shoe in.

    Didn't Harper prorogue parliament to avoid, the “detainee” torture questions? Someone must have okayed Cheney's presence in Canada?


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