And when do they bell the cats?

Rod’s Mickleburgh’s B.C. NOTEBOOK in the Globe and Mail, After his one bright insight, Bloy gets left in the dark:

After nine years languishing on the government’s dusty backbenches, the former Boy Scout leder had the remarkable wisdom – alone among the 46 or so members of the B.C. Liberal caucus – to realize that talk-show host Christy Clark was the best person in all B.C. to replace boss Gordon Campbell.

With that demonstrated depth of sagacity, Ms. Clark can be forgiven for thinking that her lone caucus supporter had the smarts to manage a cabinet post as well.

Alas, matters did not go swimmingly. On Day 1 of his appointment, Mr. Bloy told reporters he would have more to say about his social development portfolio once he “got a handle” on it. He never did…

A fun piece taking well directed shots at deserving targets. I wonder why MSM writers covering Victoria let the Bloy story go untouched for so long. It was well known to anyone with an ear to the ground that the Minister was over his head and sinking deeper with each passing week. To people in his department, he was a source of amusement and embarrassment. Why was that not written about before Premier Clark finally admitted her mistake and demoted him?

I wonder how many more incompetents are shielded by writers and broadcasters too polite to relate the entire stories behind elected officials. Maybe its also time for journalists to call out their own press gallery colleagues who let cronyism and financial conflicts interfere with honest reporting.

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  1. “Maybe its also time for journalists to call out their own press gallery colleagues who let cronyism and financial conflicts interfere with honest reporting.”

    a sentence that bears repeating


  2. Wasn't Pamela Martin puzzled about her duties too when she was hired (at $100,000.+) as the premier's outreach worker.

    Martin admitted during a TV interview that she wasn't sure what the job entailed and it would be defined as times goes on….


  3. How many crimes and criminals are shielded by writers, broadcasters and even bloggers here in BC??? Crimes by individuals, crimes by corporate fat cats for whom more is never enough, crimes by protected public employees who cry “no staff” when children and old people in their “care” are harmed or killed by their negligence or callous brutality.

    That's what's truly obscene.

    But hey, somebody harm an animal, and in a few short months the Liberal government is somehow able to enact a law. They sure do know how to implement a cheap crowd-pleaser in a hurry.

    Rafe Mair has a good post out that paints a stark picture of the imminent future:

    We (BC/Canada) have descended to unimagined levels of debauchery in the broadest sense of the word in the corporate, political and legal realms. A prime minister who breaks the law of the land, a minister of defense and his generals tooling around everywhere (and I do mean everywhere) on publicly-funded jets when the PM of Britain travels commercial, Tony whathisname spending $50 million bucks on his riding, by by-passing authorities. Gazillions of dollars for sports facilities in the uber important Lower Mainland while the rest of the province is being starved into oblivion.

    Over the next decade or more, darkness will follow. Too bad. A self-absorbed, self-interested public fed corporate/politico greed and corruption on all levels and in all corners of BC life.

    Now, things have reached a point where there may be no avoiding what Rafe Mair portends, in all areas of contention, not just the environment. A bleak future comes our way, built on brutality and apathy.


  4. Maybe it was Bloy's Handlers who did all the talking, and of course the PAB. We often saw Kash Heed and Wally Opall handlers (Sean Holman Youtube footage) trying to pull them out of the Scrums….and they're both gone, from the Cabinet.

    Then there is the Deputy Minister who actually does all the work. Politicians may come and go, but the Deputy Ministers….

    The fact is, Bloy just couldn't be left alone with the Press, maybe that's why the Press never got enough material to use, and what they did get was just more of the same.


  5. We can all have a stake in our future leaders. The federal NDP is in the midst of a leadership race, and if you join the party you can have your one vote to pick your favourite. Yesterday Nathan Cullen threw his hat in the ring and I was very impressed by him when interviewed by the CBC. There are so many good candidates that it will be a challenge in narrowing it down to one. I for one am buoyed by the talent within the NDP ranks at this time. Hooray!



  6. We were all warned what would happen to Canada if Harper won a majority. All that was said, is absolutely coming true.

    One day for fun. We were discussing which country Canadians could appeal to and join, to get away from Harper and the corruption in Canada.

    We found Denmark, Finland, New Zea Land, and Switzerland the most honest country's in the world. We discussed what it would be like, to live under a country's government we could trust.

    We laughed when my son said, Harper froze Canadian assets of corrupt foreign country's officials. My son wondered why Harper didn't freeze Campbell's assets? Must be, because they are partners in crime.

    The world has taken notice, how badly democracy in Canada is disappearing, because of Harper. Other country's are angry at Harper, for destroying Canada's good name. Once upon a time Canada was a good country and loved by the world. These days, there aren't all that many everyday Canadians, proud to be Canadians anymore.


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