BC Hydro

David Cobb flees scene of the crimes

“Every man has his fault, and honesty is his.”
– Shakespeare


64347-dave_cobb-par-0001-image1Dear Customers,

As you may know, I have confirmed that I am stepping down as President and CEO of BC Hydro to accept a senior position with The Jim Pattison Group.

While I would welcome the opportunity to continue meeting the challenges and opportunities inherent in my role, I’ve been presented with an unexpected, once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity with another iconic B.C. company that I simply could not pass up…

This is a sad but inevitable development. Cobb is too bright and too capable to waste more time in the corrupt catch basin designed by Gordon Campbell’s friends. Too bad for BC Liberals that Cobb is honest and refuses to paint more layers of lies to mask sad truths. Rich Coleman, eager puppy that he is, will play that role happily.

Numbers speak for themselves. According to Hydro’s audited financial statement, in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011, the minimum obligation to purchase energy rose to $42.976 billion, an increase of almost $26 billion in 12 months. Most corporate journalists ignore this situation; resulting in the single largest piece of evidence of media corruption.

Pass the bull (horn) please is one of the most read pieces at In-Sights. It demonstrates the role of Victoria’s press gallery dean in organized misdirection so the real state of BC Hydro is ignored.

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  1. Gee Wiz Norm isn't that almost the sum the feds will be spending on building the boats,wow and that was breaking news and talked about all afternoon by n dumbellyou? and that's over 20 years,this happened in 1 year how f..en stupid do they think we are?


  2. Norm

    Great post, a startling news development, your connecting the dots and succinct analysis and I am informed. I read mr Palmer on line this morning (will not buy the Sun until they present more balanced points of view) and in a column over three times as long as yours I learned next to nothing.

    The comment by anonymous 5:19 nicely puts into perspective – with another timely event the scope and scale of this governments ongoing incompetence.

    If only the MSM delivered perceptive articles and intelligent comments as opposed to spun columns and biased corporate agenda …. this province would not be in the huge mess we find it in.



  3. Thanks Bill. One of the differences is that no one feeds me daily talking points, buys me extravagant dinners or pays me to teach public relations people to better understand how media works.


  4. I recall that Cobb very recently criticized the wildly extravagant IPP deals that have saddled BC with a $40 billion plus obligation for power we don't need, saying that those arrangements could not be sustained.

    Hydro Chief's Leaked Comments Trash IPP – What Will Clark Do Now?
    by Rafe Mair l The Common Sense Canadian
    Aug 20, 2011


    I wondered at the time if that was some sort of public relations trick by BC Hydro to look like they were serious about the fate of the province under this debt burden. I couldn't believe it was for real.

    I guess the criticism was real, but it was Dave Cobb's criticism, not BC Hydro's or the BC government's criticism.

    Perhaps this was Mr. Cobb's deliberate parting shot?

    Thanks for once again shaming BC's corrupt media Norm.

    There, I said it. BC's media is not lame or under the thumb of owners like a bunch of indentured slaves, they're corrupt. Let's all stop pretending otherwise.


  5. The media are disgusting. They remind me of Goebbel's propaganda machine, to cover Hitler's evil agenda's.

    If Christy had a lick of sense, she would undo this atrocity of Campbell's dirty hydro deal. Those rivers with dams, should be blown. Those dams have done horrific eco damage. They have destroyed salmon runs, the eagles and bears depend on. The bears have lost their food supply, and have turned to eating human's garbage. Living in a National Park, if the berries were a poor crop, and other food sources didn't produce. We had a multitude of bears in town.

    Campbell and his business buddies, are totally to blame, for this abomination, of the death of our rivers and salmon runs. Same as Campbell's theft and sale of the BCR. The dirtiest, sleaziest crime in Canadian history


  6. Oh Anon 1:07 PM, Ms. Clark knows perfectly well what should be done; she just doesn't want to do it. She has no lack of sense.

    We need to stop giving the people who are robbing us blind and harming our most vulnerable citizens excuses like they just don't have sense, or my favourite from every public inquiry going, that all they need is some further education or training, like they just don't know better.

    The know damn well what they're doing is wrong, and they don't care.

    Ms. Clark wants to do what's best for her and her buddies, not what's best for the people of BC.


  7. Canada has become, a very corrupt country. Other country's have said so by their media. Canadians used to be welcomed, around the world. Harper has destroyed our good image.

    Harper could care less about the citizens. He thieves our tax dollars and gives the wealthiest corporations in the world, billions of our tax dollars. Try and get an answer from Harper, why Canadians can save up to 50% by shopping in the U.S. Why do Canadians, gas their vehicles in the U.S. We are being ripped off big time, and Harper does absolutely nothing. All he wants is BC's rip off HST money, for his own selfish goals. Harper had better collect the billions from the greedy gigantic corporations…Instead of giving our money to those pigs at the trough.

    It goes without saying, BC is the most corrupt province in Canada. This is known around the world as well. Price gouging in BC is obscene. Campbell destroyed our mill industry. Mills will become obsolete. China and other country's, will pick up our raw logs and do their own processing.

    Campbell's theft of our rivers, and the ruination of BC Hydro, is totally his own deliberate dirty deal. He did everything possible, to do as much damage as he could to the BC people. He is so vindictive and evil, he has earned our disgust. Too bad the s.o.b. didn't come to BC, to pick up his completely undeserved OBC. He missed out on the welcoming committee.

    Christy could cancel the BCR “lease”. She could reverse the dirty hydro deal. She and Falcon, could come with a better way, than the unfair HST. They could roll back the prices, for her “family's first” and all the other struggling BC citizens. Will she??? Absolutely not!!! Every cent that can be stolen from us for Harper and herself, is just damned well fine.


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