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Shocking RCMP performance

Documents on tortured Canadian Almalki say he posed no terrorist threat, Andrew Duffy, Postmedia News, October 25, 2011

OTTAWA — Ottawa engineer Abdullah Almalki says new documents show the RCMP’s assessment of his terrorist threat was both wholly unfounded and clouded by racism.

Almalki, a Carleton University graduate and father of six, spent 22 months in Syrian custody after his arrest on May 3, 2002.

He was arrested by Syrian authorities at the Damascus airport while on a family visit, then questioned based on faulty Canadian intelligence and tortured.

Almalki on Tuesday released explosive new documents obtained under federal Access to Information legislation, which reveal that RCMP investigators had found nothing against him both before and after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

In an RCMP memo, dated Oct. 4, 2001, an investigator concludes: “O Div. (Ontario Division) task force are presently finding it difficult to establish anything on him other than the fact he is an arab running around.”

Despite that internal finding, the RCMP, in a letter to the Syrian intelligence agency, labelled Almalki “an imminent threat” to Canada’s national security and linked him to al-Qaida…

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  1. It makes me sick to see my country treating people in this manner. It is time for the Conservatives to clean house in the bureaucrats and the RCMP. We obviously have a lot of deadwood laying there.


  2. No this isn't shocking. We have to drop our psychological blinders.

    Canada has become a police state. This has been happening by inches for the past ten or fifteen years when corruption first began to creep in at the RCMP and at CSIS. Once top cops saw that they could get away with things, that culture permeated the rest of the force and migrated outwards across the country to infect local forces.

    BC in particular is a hotbed of drug kingpins and corrupt police. I don’t mean that one begets the other, I just mean that BC has become infested with corruption on many levels.

    No more is it just the odd “rogue cop”. In fact, we now have rogue police forces throughout the country. Not everywhere, just where their political masters don’t rein them in.

    Two years ago, Calgary had a big drug gang problem. The justice minister (Alison Redford, now the premier) took action and now Calgary no longer has that problem. How come that hasn’t happened here. The Lower Mainland in particular is rife with drugs, dangerous police and guns.

    Here's a tiny, but telling example of the extent of police and judicial corruption in BC. A couple days ago three RCMP officers in Prince George had charges against them stayed.

    The three off-duty mounties had been caught joy-riding at very high speeds on motorcycles (not unlike the Vancouver rich-kids who were caught speeding in their hot cars).

    The charges against the mounties were dropped because their case took too long to get to court. If a person spends a bit of time looking into the prosecution and court process here, they’ll find that it is easy to arrange for certain cases to be held up. There is no set process for how/when cases come forward, and influence is easy within the confines of our increasingly secretive courts in BC.

    No one can investigate why a case takes so long, court operations are exempt from FOI requests, and on and on it goes. Our court system is, by its very nature, vulnerable to influence, given that it is “self-regulated”.

    The only thing that ensures the integrity of our justice system is the moral character of our judges and politicians. Both of those groups now have very little integrity. Police, the judiciary and the politicians (of all stripes) in BC have lost the trust of the public.


  3. All of this would concern me but I am too busy trying to figure out who the Canucks will place in goal for the next game.

    Hard to believe this comes from people who are called Canadians.The people who mach across Europe with the little Canadian flag attached to their back pack as a sign of “we are the good people”.
    What happened to us?


  4. Canada is now foul with corruption, our good image was thrown out with the morning trash long ago. Corrupt thieving politicians are rewarded in this country.

    Canadians are in a dictatorship, not a democracy. We went to war, to save Canada from the likes of Harper and Campbell. Quite frankly our young Canadian boys, died for nothing. Harper and Campbell weren't worth dying for. Harper and Campbell are the closest to fascists and dictators, that I have ever seen in Canada.

    The corruption in BC really began to stink, because of Campbell/Clark and the BC Liberals. Campbell is Harper's favorite henchman. Who in their right mind would appoint a monster like Campbell as High Commissioner to England?….Only another fascist.


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