Just a pay-to-play way of life

Tomgram: Lawrence Weschler, The Great American Shakedown, November 1, 2011:

“In the U.S., corruption is seldom “corruption.” … 15 of [Obama’s] top “bundlers,” who give their own money and solicit that of others — none registered as federal lobbyists — are “involved in lobbying for Washington consulting shops or private companies,” …

“…And keep in mind that Obama looks like Little Mary Sunshine compared to the field of Republican presidential candidates who seem determined to campaign cheek to jowl with as many lobbyists as they can corral…

“None of this is “corruption,” of course, just a pay-to-play way of life…

“Similarly, the government’s top economic advisors regularly come from (and/or end up in/return to) the arms of banks and giant financial outfits, the very firms which pour money into political campaigns….

“Just remember though, it’s not corruption. It’s just the way our world works. Get used to it…”

I guess I need to withdraw any criticism made or implied here of Patrick Kinsella, Mark Jiles, Ken Dobell, Gwyn Morgan and those hundreds of other pay-to-play artists in Victoria and Ottawa.

After all, it’s just the way our world works and we don’t want to see these fine folks damaged. Poor old Mr. Kinsella has already had to drop the price of his Shaughnessy mansion almost $1-million since it went on the market a few months ago. I sure hope unfair criticism in the blog world didn’t contribute to hard times for him. With that hit in real estate value, maybe there is another railway to sell. That would help.

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