REPLAY: About BC politics (Oct 24, 2010)

Vancouver Sun writers and many mainstream colleagues refuse to pose difficult questions to their BC Liberal friends, instead preferring the approach of Sergeant Schultz from Hogan’s Heroes, “I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing!”

Gabriel Yui, writing at the Georgia Strait, is not so polite:

Just before [jockey of railroad sales Gary] Collins, the former finance minister and Basi’s former boss, was to appear in court, the special prosecutor made an extraordinarily attractive but unreasonable offer to the accused.

If Basi and the other ministerial aide, Virk, were to plead guilty, there would be no jail sentence, just two years of house arrest (and they could still go to work, go shopping, go to the gym, take their kids to sporting events, live with their families, and sleep with their wives), and 150 hours of community work.

The provincial government would waive the accused’s $6-million legal fee and acquit Basi’s cousin Aneal Basi. In return, they would be required to sign a nondisclosure agreement not to reveal anything related to the case and their past work for the B.C. Liberal government.

People have to wonder why the B.C. Liberal government would table such an attractive deal in exchange for a guilty plea and nondisclosure.

Abusing public trust and taking bribes in two corruption cases—and the result? No jail, no financial penalty, and legal fees waived. With such a precedent set, would it not encourage other civil servants to cross the line?

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  1. RCMP E section chief states in fri. sun paper he`s “proud ” of the way they conducted themselves, Our whole police ,judicial political system is crooked to the core!


  2. Wow! That pretty well nails it!

    It would seem there are a few more guilty parties than just the two who pleaded so in order to get leiency!


  3. And the Liberals stand up in the house and say, “We, the government had nothing to do with this, civil servants decided and never told us anything.”

    Yeah, sure.

    Except that Alex Tsakumis has knowledge of Wally Oppal being the go between, the arranger, the fixer, who brought the government and the special prosecutor together. Oppal's reward: another six months of lucrative billings on the missing womens show.


  4. “… missing women's show…” Perfect description. It is a “show”. All show, no substance.

    And it will likely end up being a sham. A sop to the public to lull them into thinking something is really going to be done to clean up the cesspool that is policing and the justice system in BC.

    All we can be assured of is that scads of lawyers will make megabucks for their roles in the “Show”.

    And even those “pro bono” lawyers who seemingly are helping the First Nations groups and so forth… I'd say chances are their efforts may be nothing more than pure sham too. Window dressing.

    For example, just Google Brian Baynham one of those pro bono lawyers. He has been lavishly praised for his “pro bono” role by other lawyers and by the media. He and his wife have made generous financial contributions to the BC Liberals, befitting his role as a politico for the Liberals, federal and provincial. Now, I wonder where Mr. Baynham's loyalties really lie?

    And, if anyone in BC thinks that a lawyer’s first duty is to the client, pro bono or paying, well… let's just say they haven't had much to do with lawyers in BC lately.


  5. In BC there is a two tiered judicial system, and a very corrupt system at that. So is BC, the most corrupt province in Canada. Usually all officials need, is a special prosecutor to get away with their crimes. The horrendous police crimes, are merely swept under the carpet. Their punishment, usually a years paid LOA vacation, and a transfer to another detachment.

    Harper has backed the most corrupt and evil politician in this Nations history, for doing his dirty work for him. The appointment of High Commissioner to England, was given to the scum of Gordon Campbell.

    Where in hell are the laws, for government officials and the elite? Those laws seem to be, completely missing. I mean, what happened to the law and the judicial system, when Campbell thieved and sold, our BCR?


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