Victoria’s old-time policing continues

Victoria police assault probe not over yet, CBC News, November 23, 2011:

A provincial court judge ruled [Victoria police sergeant] George Chong used excessive force in applying a chokehold that rendered Frank Blair unconscious in January 2010.

The judge sentenced Chong to one year’s probation and ordered him to take anger management counselling.

…After an an internal disciplinary hearing, [Victoria Police Chief Jamie] Graham ruled that Chong’s chokehold was reasonable and justified…

…Graham also said Tuesday that Chong, a 29-year veteran of the force and the brother of B.C. cabinet minister Ida Chong, is fit to return to work.

Victoria police Sgt. George Chong found guilty of assaulting a prisoner, Jeff Bell, Times Colonist:

…The incident with Blair began early on Jan. 15, last year when officers spotted him working the door at a nightclub. The police information system indicated Blair was violating a curfew that was part of his bail at the time, but he told police the curfew had been lifted.

Officers decided to take him to cells, although it was later determined that his curfew had indeed been called off.

[Provincial court judge Herb] Weitzel said video footage of what happened in the cells show that Blair was largely co-operative. He was hesitant about part of the fingerprinting process because of a sore finger, Weitzel said.

Chong said he noticed a change in Blair’s demeanour as his fingerprints were being taken and became concerned he might get violent. Weitzel said the hold that Chong applied is considered a “hard” use of force, and that consideration could have been given to other methods such as putting Blair in handcuffs or having other jail staffers hold his arms…”

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  1. Doesn't matter if police crimes are caught on video, even murder. Their punishment is usually a paid suspension, and/or a transfer to another detachment.

    So much for Harper's tough on crime. I guess that's Harper's take of, tough on crime. That law as usual, just seems to be for we peons. It doesn't apply to corrupt, thieving politicians, nor to police and the elite. For them it's business. For us, prosecution and prison.


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