Clark, Christy

Photo Op Princess, come back to earth

Christy Clark pretended that justice would be swift and effective for hockey rioters. The problem was – and everyone knew this – BC’s court system had been starved for resources; systematically and consciously starved by the Liberal Government. Clark was promising what she knew could not be delivered. It’s her style, government by photo op and newsclip, content beside the point.

The reality is laid out clearly by one of our highest ranking judges:

“B.C.’s court system is being slowly eroded by a lack of funding, B.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Bauman said in a November 19 speech to the B.C. Branch of the Canadian Bar Association.

“And, citing the harms that flow from clogged courts, he urged members to speak out about the funding crunch and protect a system he described as being at risk…”

Read more at Cuts threaten B.C.’s judicial system: Chief Justice, Wendy Stueck, The Globe and Mail, November 24


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  1. Most telling for me were the comments on the Globe story.

    Not one comment in support of the “poor” BC court system, most are about the corruption of court officers (lawyers) and judges.

    I wonder, is the BC judicial system crying poor and trying to shake down the taxpayer to give them more money — just like the financial industry did in the U.S.??? And the year following record bonuses were doled out in the big financial firms, while families evicted from their homes were left to fend for themselves.

    The legal system in BC is a mess not because of inadequate funding, but inadequate management of lawyers and judges i.e. their conduct.

    Being accountable to no one (self-regulated), corruption of the legal system is inevitable.


  2. Perfectly true. They system works badly for taxpayers and ordinary citizens but it works just fine for lawyers.

    One little change would change the system completely and that is to require that all documents filed with a court must be sworn to be true upon penalty of perjury. All sorts of documents, false defence filings for example, go into court with the parties on both sides knowing they are untrue. However, its a convenient tool for delays.


  3. I don’t believe we can claim a monopoly on corruption in the justice system here in BC, especially when and admitted briber of public officials can obtain a licence to practice law in Ontario.

    This proves the system of law and justice has been compromised across the country.


  4. The corruption starts right at the top, and has filtered down through every level of government.

    Harper rewards corrupt politicians, such as Campbell. Campbell has the worst corrupt and foul political record, in the recorded history of Canada.

    We have seen the farce of a trial of, Campbell's theft and corrupt sale of the BCR.

    We have seen governing officials who get a special prosecutor, to get them off for their crimes.

    We have seen the judicial system, sweep police crimes under the carpet.

    It is absolutely true, Canada is a cesspool of corruption.

    When we see our Prime Minister, appoint a low life such as Campbell, for the High Commissioner to England…We then know, the entire country is rotten to the core.

    Besides Campbell, Harper had another criminal working for him. He had a, many times convicted American felon working for him. Harper has a very shady political past.

    I don't even know why we need so many judges. Politicians and, all governing officials and the elite, are never punished. Citizens always know ahead of time, drunk politicians, thieving politicians, police crimes, are automatically freed.

    Justice in BC is for those who can afford it and for those, who have access to tax payers money. We everyday people, don't get special prosecutors, to get us off on our DUI charges. We are always punished.


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