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Contributions of two MLAs in BC Legislature

According to Premier Photo Op:

“I think this [Auditor General for Local Government] is a vital step forward for British Columbia, and long overdue, I think it’s going to make a difference, I think it’s going to mean taxpayers money will be spent better and will ensure they get value for every single dollar.”

Every single dollar eh? I think idle, disinterested MLA’s waste money and I wonder if Premier Photo Op is willing to demand a resignation when one of her own fits the description.

Hansard’s index of members’ entries for the Fourth Session, 39th Parliament – 2011, reveals something about the contributions of individual MLA’s. It is not a complete record but a worthwhile indicator of whether we are getting “value for every single dollar.” For comparison purpose, I provide extracts of the index for two members:

Heed, Kash (Vancouver-Fraserview)

(Yes, this is the entire record.)

Corrigan, Kathy (Burnaby–Deer Lake)

    • B.C. Liberal Party government
    • Cesar E. Chavez Black Eagle Awards
      • recognition of contributions to agriculture industry issues 7929
    • Chouhan, Raj
      • award for work on farmworker issues 7929
    • Community Living B.C.
    • Disabled and handicapped persons
      • community living services
        • services for persons 19 and older, transition from children’s services 8106
    • Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Amendment Act, 2011
    • Justice system
      • criminal justice system
    • Martin family
      • support services for disabled son Jonathan and presentation to Finance Committee 8106
    • Metal Dealers and Recyclers Act
    • Missing Women Commission of Inquiry (Oppal Commission)
      • funding for groups participating in inquiry 8171
    • Offence Amendment Act, 2011
    • Oral questions
      • Changes to office to combat trafficking in persons 8660
      • Community living services for children in transition to adulthood 8106
      • Costs to B.C. of federal anti-crime legislation 8601-2
      • Court system funding and cameras in courtrooms 7981
      • Funding for groups participating in Missing Women Inquiry 8171
      • Investigation of election campaign for member for Vancouver-Fraserview 85178570-1
    • Private members’ statements
    • Private members’ statements (response)
    • Privilege
      • reserving right to raise a point of personal privilege 8406
    • Statements by members
      • RCMP services in Burnaby 8599
      • Women’s History Month 8401
    • Tributes
      • Cesar Chavez Award recipient 7929
    • Vancouver
      • riot during Stanley Cup playoffs, charges and court proceedings 7981
    • West Coast Legal Education and Action Fund
      • report on women’s rights 8171

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  1. Wow Norman this really speaks volumes on how an empty shell of a man Kash Heed really is. How in the hell do these people get to the top?


  2. Kash Heed and all of the BC Liberals get to the top, is quite easy for them. Our own P.M. Harper rewarded Gordon Campbell with the dirtiest political record, in Canadian history. He was given the appointment as High Commissioner to England. And then, our courts and judges are corrupt. The police are corrupt. Elections BC is corrupt. All the BC Liberals and the elite have to do is, have a “special” prosecutor to get them off on their criminal charges.

    In BC, we have a two tiered judicial system, the elite get away with their crimes, and the everyday citizens don't.

    As a politician you get to the top by, lying, thieving, corruption and cheating to win. It's a no-brainer. Happens every other day in this country.


  3. And they wonder why they have a credibility problem and why Christy seems like such a bobblehead when she opens her mouth. I'd be interested to see the records of some of the other Lieberals.


  4. Great picture of Premier Snooki, and my opinion of the Kashman is not high, but I'd like to respectfully disagree with this post. The auditor for municipal government is actually a good idea even if it does come from Snooki. I've been in the public sector for a couple of decades now, and there is a bad smell of graft around a lot of purchasing and contracting. (Not just at the municipal level, either.) The cost of this is a lot more than the salary cost of 70 or 80 MLAs. Just the thought that some independent authority might look over the spending would be enough to discourage a lot of the bad actors.

    Next … I personally can't wait to see the end of the BC Liberals, whether Snooki is leading them or not, but when I look over most of those suppposed contributions from Kathy Corrigan, it simply reminds me of why the NDP were reduced to two seats in 2001. In fact, reading it again … Women's History Month … West Coast Legal Education and Action Forum … Cesar Chavez Award … et cetera, I wish it had been zero seats.


  5. Thanks Chris for a thoughtful contribution. However, as someone who once did municipal auditing, I know this is not something of high priority. It is nothing more than an issue for an election platform, added to the order paper shortly before they all go home.

    Look at the way BC Liberals disregard the reports of the provincial Auditor General – serious matters are written off as a difference in opinion between accountants. Dr. Patrick Smith, SFU political scientist, says a much better priority to address would be appointment of a Conflict of Interest Commissioner. Millions are made in real estate speculation through political connections. That has always driven municipal governments.

    In North Vancouver, a family ran a business for decades that was ultimately taken over by an international organization and moved. The family business had been on a prime piece of real estate and for years, the family member tried to gain permission to redevelop. They got nowhere so ultimately sold the land.

    Within months, zoning change was agreed to and the land was flipped. The guy in the middle earned a near instant profit in 7 figures. The difference? He had influence at the municipal hall whereas the family had none.

    Think the MAG will uncover that? No way.

    Listen to CKNW Audio vault at the beginning of today's 3 pm hour for Sean Leslie's interview of Dr. Patrick Smith. It is instructive although Sean Leslie will carry on giving whatever message his employers want. Facts don't have to interfere.


  6. Chris said: ” I've been in the public sector for a couple of decades now, and there is a bad smell of graft around a lot of purchasing and contracting. ”
    My question is… after a couple of decades what have you done about it ?

    Guy in Victoria


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