Income Inequality

Trending toward turmoil

The Poor, the Near Poor and You, New York Times, Nov. 23/11:

“…And times are tough for the middle class. But everyone needs to recognize a chilling reality: One in three Americans — 100 million people — is either poor or perilously close to it.

“…The worst downturn since the Great Depression is only part of the problem. Before that, living standards were already being eroded by stagnating wages and tax and economic policies that favored the wealthy.

“Conservative politicians and analysts are spouting their usual denial. Gov. Rick Perry and Representative Michele Bachmann have called for taxing the poor and near poor more heavily, on the false grounds that they have been getting a free ride. In fact, low-income workers do pay up, if not in federal income taxes, then in payroll taxes and state and local taxes…”

Further reading: The Alchemy Of Our Awesomely Affluent, Sam Pizzigati,

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  1. Our American neighbours are living in an age of utter and complete denial. They survive in a miasma of pseudo right-wing dogma, flavoured with fundamentalist Christian values.

    In the USA it is more important to be seen to go to church, rather to live by Christian values as we once knew. Money is their new god and the worship of money is their only goal.

    With money comes power and what such power. But now, the American dream is collapsing into a black hole of reality, yet the Americans kick and fight at change because they see themselves as 'god's chosen ones' and change is not needed.

    All great powers crumble with time and the least flexible of empires, crumble the fastest. We may witness the end of the not just the American dream, but the the America the Superpower.

    The USA as we once knew is no more, it is now a fascist state run by mindless bureaucrats commanded by secret power brokers


  2. I've seen your arguments as extreme but I'm finding it harder and harder to fault them. Have a look at Jon Stewart's piece ridiculing Faux News after they provided all on-air creew with instructions to complain about Obama not praising God and Jesus sufficiently in his Turkey-day message on youtube.

    Most ordinary Americans are not part of the craziness presented by their media. The question is though can the good survive or will they be strangled by the American taliban?


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