Advocates not reporters

Canada kept detection of salmon virus secret, Craig Welch, Seattle Times environment reporter, Nov. 30/11

“A decade before this fall’s salmon-virus scare, a Canadian government researcher said she found a similar virus in more than 100 wild fish from Alaska to Vancouver Island.

“Canadian officials never told the public or scientists in the United States about those tests — not even after evidence of the virus discovered in October was treated as an international emergency, according to documents and emails obtained by The Seattle Times.

“The researcher’s work surfaced only this week after she sought and was denied permission by a Canadian official to try to have her old data published in a scientific journal…”

Three weeks ago I wrote When up is down and down is up, about a press conference at which Canadian Food Inspection Agency claimed the Infectious Salmon Anemia virus outbreak was not happening in British Columbia. According to Ivan Doumenc, the government’s message degraded quickly under intense questioning by reporters from the Seattle Times and the Yukon News along with Damien Gillis of The Common Sense Canadian.

Where has the Vancouver Sun been on this story? In November, part-time environmental reporter Larry Pynn wrote about marijuana, bears in garbage and float plane safety but not about ISA. Food reporter Randy Shore covered beer and chocolate for the Sun and found time in his blog to repeat uncritically reassurances from CFIA and fish farm flack Mary Ellen Walling that all is well.

Today, the Sun website re-publishes Craig Welch’s Seattle report but Postmedia newspapers have largely ignored ISA and threats to wild salmon and other coastal fisheries. Had Seattle Times not led the way on this Canadian story, discussion of it in Canada would be left largely to the alternative media. Instead of journalistic balance and inquiry, from Postmedia, we get advocacy favouring unrestricted expansion of fish farms and elimination of environmental oversight and suppression of scientific inquiries.

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  1. DFO, the BC Government and others have been claiming that no other tests backed up the SFU reports on ISA. This demonstrates those claims to be lies.

    What else are they lying about?


  2. The BC government – the BC Liberal party, are habitual liars, so in that respect they will continue to lie as they don't know any different. It also seems that the government of Canada – the Conservative party led by Stephen Harper, are quickly turning into habitual liars as well !

    I won't flog a dead horse re credibility, integrity, honesty etc., but it sure seems that Canada is well on the way to being a dishonest dictatorship – absolutely no class or brains in Ottawa amongst the Tory MP's.

    Only in Canada eh !!



  3. Three US Senators from Washington state and Alaska suggested sending some of their own scientists up to do testing, but I've heard nothing about that plan since the first report came out.

    I think it's a great idea, since the DFO and the BC Salmon Farmers seem to have no intention of doing any testing. What are we supposed to do? Wait until our wild salmon population dies off and all we have left to eat is chemical-filled, foul-tasting junk that I wouldn't feed to the raccoons in my neighbourhood?


  4. Harper's Conservatives and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, greed comes first. Both governments are corrupt and will use every dirty tactic in the book, for money. The plight of our wild salmon, neither Harper or the BC Liberals give a damn. That has been in our face obvious for years. Finally, when the U.S. finally started to see their own salmon infected, they suddenly wake-up.

    It's about time the U.S. wakes up to the vile corruption in Canada. I know Canadians went right after Obama and P.M. Cameron over the dirty tar oil. All the info on both Harper and Campbell went to England. Maybe, even England will wake up to the fact, Canada is a dictatorship regime. This entire country is so foul with corruption, it's sickening.


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