Hockey violence or government corruption?

CBC asks: What was B.C.’s top news story of 2011?

They ask readers to vote on these choices:

  • Stanley Cup riot
  • Demise of HST
  • Occupy movement
  • Kienan Hebert abduction
  • Sled-dog massacre
  • Fracking in BC’s NE
  • Missing women’s inquiry
  • Plane crash heroes
  • Rita Chretien survival
  • Hockey violence
  • Other

Basi / Virk / BC Rail political corruption is apparently not on their radar. Typical. They’ve largely ignored the story up until now, why change.

How about a write-in vote or two.

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  1. Norm

    CBC looks to be pre-selecting for us citizens by listing (suggesting) what must be in their opinion “B.C.'s top news story of 2011”. The CBC, apparently, like the BC Liberals (in their own “confessionals”) have been blindsided with dysfunctional radar.

    I think that the Basi / Virk / BC political corruption scandal could easily be considered for the BC news story of the last 10 years. It is a prime example of how the Liberals operate for the few in their family at the expense of the many they were elected to serve.

    A back room political deal (theft) of lies, spin, coverup, 'transparency', stonewalling, etc. all at the highest levels of power and influence. A travesty repeated over and over by this rancid bunch. A modi operandi too long experienced by the citizens of BC and lazily (or more sinisterly) reported by the corporate MSM and CBC.


  2. Norm,
    This is off topic for this issue but I would value your opinion on a matter that was broadcast on Global this evening, that being the ICBC rate hikes. I think the way they are presented is illegaL and in fact a form of EXTORTION. What they are saying is:
    A} You must purchase basic coverage through them but optional coverage may be purchased through a second party.
    B}If you only purchase basic coverage you will be penalized 11%
    c} If you purchase basic plus optional coverage from them you will only be penalized 3%
    D} if you purchase optional coverage elswhere you will be penalized the full 11% on you basic insurance.
    The are therefore using their authority to enforce 'negative financial consequence' should you not buy both coverages through them. They are not only extorting the optional coverage by a second party but using dire consequenses of a choice to buy elsewhere.
    The fact that they offer the option to purchase optional coverage elsewhere but place a financial burden on us if we do so is where, in my opinion, the extortion takes place.
    I write you for your opinion Norm as I admire your thoughtfull approach and respect your opinion highly.


  3. Don F., I appreciate your comments about ICBC. I'm researching materials for an article that I expect to publish soon about the corporation. The fact that Gordon Campbell installed one of his boys as chairman, after that guy left the Lottery Corporation under an ethical cloud, demonstrates that Liberals have seen ICBC as just one more place to pillage. That guy, now departed from ICBC, was T. Richard Turner, spouse of Denise (Farrah) Turner, Chair of the very troubled Community Living British Columbia (CLBC). More Northern Insights about Mr. Turner at link below.

    In recent days, there was a demand from Victoria for more cash out of ICBC. That led to sudden notices of higher premiums. A few days ago, they told us that fatal and serious injury crashes were way down due to drinking/driving penalties. Yet, ICBC anticipates claims costs to rise. Their feeble and unbelievable excuse: people are carpooling more, meaning more injury claims. Which is it? Motor vehicle collision deaths and injuries cannot both be up and down.

    T. Richard Turner


  4. I have to agree with Bill. The whole investigation and trial were theater and nothing more.

    On the subject of ICBC, I think that there are a couple of issues that require clarification before the BCUC grants them their proposed increases. They claim that mandatory and optional insurance are run as separate entities. Does that mean that they have clerks, estimators, adjustors, management etc. that only deal with one or the other type of insurance? I suspect that the answer would be no, so my next question would be, does each category of insurance get assessed their proper portion of expenses such as salaries, rent and whatever other expenses they encounter in their normal course of doing business? The other thing that I think needs clarification is now that ICBC has become the Motor Vehicle Branch, who gets to claim the revenue from motor vehicle licenses, driver licenses, testing fees and the levies on drivers that accumulate excess points for driving infractions? If it is ICBC, which I doubt, then all is good. If not, then does the government kick in their share of operating costs out of the revenue derived from their MVB endeavors?


  5. Didn't Campbell steal around eight hundred million from us, out of our ICBC insurance dollars? I thought that money was supposed to be used, to lower our insurance costs. But here we are, still paying for Campbell's thefts and corruption.

    Same as the HST. We have to pay Harper back, for the HST he and Campbell thieved from us. Harper the dictator, will for sure find a way to keep his stolen booty.

    Same as the tax payers had to pay for the Basi/Virk legal fees. We were forced to pay Campbell, for stealing the BCR from us.

    Theft, corruption, price gouging and extortion, is normal in Canada. In BC, the citizens are thieved from, by both Harper and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals.

    Harper's tough on crime, does not apply to him, nor his thieving ministers. That is just for we peons.

    BC is the most corrupt province in Canada, because of Campbell and Harper. I expect the surplus ICBC dollars will be thieved from us again, by the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals.


  6. A while back I emailed four of the big CBC radio programs, to see if they would do a story on the BC Rail case. I thought it would make a good story for them, since it has been described as the biggest scandal in BC history, and involved an unprecedented raid on the BC Legislature. Nope, not interested.


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