You’re welcome CBC News

CBC News Item, December 6:

“An executive hired by the Insurance Corporation of B.C. to help cut costs received more than $188,000 for expenses claimed in 2010 — in addition to his $315,000 annual salary, CBC News has learned.

“Art Kirkner, a U.S citizen, was hired as one of ICBC’s 15 vice-presidents in 2008, with responsibility for ICBC’s claims centres and other field services.

“In the process, Kirkner was involved in laying off several managers in an attempt to cut costs.

“In 2010, Kirkner’s salary and expenses $188,681 totalled $504,505, the second highest salary in the public corporation after CEO Jon Schubert, who pulled in $504,771, according to an ICBC financial statement.

“ICBC declined interview requests about Kirkner, but a spokesman said much of the 2010 expense claim was for temporary accommodation and for relocation to Vancouver, although Kirkner had joined ICBC two years earlier.

“Kirkner left ICBC last summer.”

CBC News has learned, they say. Apparently by doing a little reading in the blog world.

Northern Insights story, December 2, Where the money goes – ICBC top 50 – 2010

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  1. Norm, I as well as many others I'm sure, took the liberty of pasting your articles to letters@cbc.ca.

    Since I/we started that practice, many of your Insights and others have 'coincidentally' appeared on the CBC.


  2. Maybe CBC should start actually doing investigative reporting again instead of relying on others like Northern Insights to point them in the right direction. They should also demote or fire Stephen Smart as it's obvious his reporting is inadequate to say the least. I watched that report on CBC concerning ICBC and I was taken aback when they claimed a “CBC exclusive” on a story that I had read about days before on your site. CBC owes you either an acknowledgement or an apology.


  3. I saw that screen shot on the early evening news and smiled to myself….eagerly awaiting their “learning” about some of the other issues highlighted on your blog…I mean that in a good way…sure don't want to discourage them because in the end the most important thing is for more people to hear the facts about what is happening to our province.


  4. I wonder if CBC will read Alex Tsakumis' latest post and suddenly discover the sale of BC Rail involved corruption at the highest levels of the BC Government and that RCMP conducted an investigation that intentionally avoided the guiding hands.


  5. Re CBC..it's not the failure to come to the same conclusions that damns the MSM. It's the abkect failure to ask the questions.


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