Clark, Christy

Things I wonder about

1. — Exactly who is the federal government representing as they try to suppress evidence that they are suppressing evidence of the ISA threat to westcoast fisheries?

From Tamsyn Burgmann, Canadian Press:

“The possibility that a potentially devastating fish virus has migrated into British Columbia salmon is concerning enough to prompt a federal inquiry to hold two days of special hearings.

“But the federal government insists the virus shouldn’t be mentioned in final submissions.

“Commissioner Bruce Cohen said submissions to conclude the 21-month inquiry would go ahead as planned Friday. But he wants to hear from new witnesses next month specifically about the infectious salmon anemia virus after laboratory testing in recent weeks found samples in three B.C. fish.

“Mitchell Taylor, the lawyer for the federal government, argued any group mentioning ISA in its final submissions should be ordered to scrub the reference because as of yet there has been no evidence about it put forward…”

2. — Is there any event too small for Premier Photo-Op to attend? An aging football star, unknown to 4.5 million BC residents, arrives to sell Whitecaps tickets, met by she who spends no time in the office, along with a posse of photographers and a group of fans, fewer in number than the political hacks and flacks organizing the event.

3. — Does the sentencing of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich to 14 years imprisonment for political corruption cause nervousness among current and former BC politicians and influence peddlers? How about it Gord, Pat, Ken? Little wonder $6 million was paid out in an unsuccessful effort to end the BC Rail scandal. The Illinois jury forewoman says Blagojevich’s long sentence is a message for politicians and citizens both.


CORLEY: Blagojevich is the fourth Illinois governor to be sentenced to prison. His predecessor George Ryan remains behind bars. But the Blagojevich prison term is more than double his. U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald sat in the back of the courtroom during the sentencing. He says it sends a strong message to any public official thinking about committing a crime.

PATRICK FITZGERALD: If a 14 year sentence doesn’t stop someone, I wouldn’t want to be sitting in front of a judge after that.

CORLEY: Juror Connie Wilson, who served as the forewoman during the second trial says Judge Zagel’s strong sentence is not just a message for public officials, but for citizens as well.

CONNIE WILSON: We elect officials and we don’t even bother to find out who they are. The complacency that we have, well this is just politics as usual, we can’t change anything. I disagree.

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  1. Norm, I heard an interview with someone from Illinois yesterday (maybe on As It Happens) and they said that not only was Blago's predecessor in prison but something like seven of the last ten governors of the state had been sent up the river. Apparently you stand a better chance of going to prison by being elected guv of Illinois than if you murder someone in Chicago. The clearance rate of murders and convictions for murder in Illinois is lower than the percentage of convicted governors.

    Reminds me of the old Mayor Daley days and even before…..apparently politics is different in Illinois….my dad was born there in the twenties…he was a gangster.


  2. Norm, I don't know how we would get information like this without your hard work. You, Harvey and Alex are the ones I read faithfully because there is no worthy reporting going on in the MSM. They are all lapdogs (or are toeing party lines and abandoning their edict to INVESTIGATE and REPORT objectively to the people they 'say' they serve).

    Thank you. I send a link to you to a huge amount of people. I know I am one among many who appreciate what you do.


  3. I, too, wonder why the Feds are so against taking salmon samples, both wild and farmed, in order to test for the deadly virus. Could it have something to do with $$$?

    The USA seemed intent on coming up and doing some testing of their own. I wonder what happened with that?


  4. Interesting is it not RossK that Global TV cooperates so completely with this classic political theatre. Take a small group, put them in a confined space, press them together and push them against a barricade, then photograph with a low angle so the fact they are standing 1 or 2 deep is not evident.

    Now, I'm assuming Global had their own camera person. Perhaps the Liberals (or PAB) did the tape themselves and passed to the TV broadcasters.


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