BC Ferries

Murphy’s laws always apply

Control system failed ahead of BC Ferry crash, Andrew MacLeod, The Tyee, Dec. 21, 2011

A problem with the Coastal Inspiration’s control system may have led to yesterday’s crash at Duke Point, a British Columbia Ferry Services Inc. spokesperson said.

“Initial indication is an electronic failure of a control system was [the] root cause, however we are still doing a full investigation which will take some time,” spokesperson Deborah Marshall said in an email.The vessel had a “hard landing” at the terminal near Nanaimo, injuring at least two people, neither of them seriously, according to initial reports. Duke Point has been closed indefinitely while the damage is assessed, with traffic routed to the Departure Bay terminal instead…

Murphy’s Law, the fundamental:

“If anything can go wrong, it will.”

Murphy’s Law, the extreme:

“If there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the FIRST to go wrong.”

The Coastal Inspiration is a state-of-the-art vessel, sailed with highly trained crews in sheltered waters by a publicly owned company that faces no financial constraints. The ship operates mostly in daylight hours and never in extreme weather. It is subject to regular examinations by qualified marine inspectors supervised by Transport Canada.

Despite assiduous precautions against mishap, BC Ferry’s Coastal Inspiration is out of service after crashing because the ship’s highly sophisticated ‘state-of-the-art’ control systems failed.

When tankers ply the waters of British Columbia’s mid-coast, Canada exercises almost no control over operations of minimally crewed ships registered in Panama, Liberia, Singapore, China, Russia, Marshall Islands or Bahamas. Vast areas of pristine wilderness will be put at risk.

Disaster is not merely a possibility; it is a certainty.


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  1. Harper has caused enough trouble, all around the globe and at home.

    Of all times and places!!! Harper was bullying country's to accept the dirty tar oil, at a meeting of the nations, for climate change.
    Harper pulls out of Kyoto. He also embarrassed Canada in Copenhagen. We had nations offering aid, for the F.N. People. Harper's negligence of the F.N. all across this country, has gone global. The death of that tiny F.N. baby, was sheer negligence. In a country like Canada, no-one should have to do without, decent schools, homes, food, health care and clean drinking water. Harper needs to be forced to resign. Harper is the worst P.M. in the recorded history of our Nation.

    Meanwhile, we have MacKay and Flaherty spending over $1,300 per night, on luxurious hotel suites. $50 million on gazebo's, $3 million on, MacKays travel expenses. An $11,000 per hour jet, to take in a hockey game. Who can ever forget, Harper's stupid billion dollar fake lake. I won't list all of the other billions Harper is wasting, on his stupid wars and such. Nor the billions of our tax dollars, he gives the wealthiest corporations in the world.

    I am in the 86% who don't want the Enbridge pipeline, nor the dirty oil tankers from China, anywhere near our beautiful province and coast. Enbridge didn't even clean up their mess, when their pipe burst, into the Kalamazoo River. There were Canadian geese covered with oil, that pipe burst caused an eco disaster. Enbridge has the worst record of pipe bursts.

    They say, the seas around Port Kitimat are extremely treacherous. How many times have we heard of wind warnings, and high seas in that area? We will support the F.N. to keep Harper's atrocities out of BC.


  2. Anonymous, you demonstrate the inevitable descent into corruption of politicians who stay too long. Their sense of personal entitlement grows steadily. Conservatives have now become as corrupt as the Chretien Liberals they replaced.

    We would be better served by term limits that eliminate career politicians. We can have career civil servants but we don't need leaders who are dangerously separated from the real world.


  3. I have mixed feelings about having career civil servants at the ministerial level….I am thinking that corporate lobbyists will court those that they know will be there no matter the result of an election….and that those same corporate lobbyists are playing the odds that the next elected minister will not have the intelligence (to put it bluntly) or the moral fortitude to question the briefs that are put before them. No disrespect whatsoever meant to the people that process all of our day to day stuff.


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