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Oil industry ramps up the pressure

As Ian Reid succinctly observes, the Vancouver Sun “has apparently merged with Encana’s communications department and is now almost desperately spinning the Northern Pipeline on their behalf.”

The Sun and its parent company have been financed by New York based vulture funds. Postmedia styles itself a conservative publisher but it is that only by redefining the label. In fact, a real conservative should be:

  • disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change;
  • sober and conventional;
  • cautiously moderate.

Canadian media that claim to be conservative nowadays are more likely to fit a modern definition of the term, one expressed by Philip E. Agre, UCLA Professor of Information. He wrote:

“Conservatism is the domination of society by an aristocracy. incompatible with democracy, prosperity, and civilization in general. It is a destructive system of inequality and prejudice that is founded on deception…”

People who favour uncontrolled expansion of Alberta bitumen mining, construction of a dirty oil pipeline through British Columbia’s central and coastal wilderness and establishment of Kitimat as a major port for shipping heavy crude to Asia for processing are not conservatives. They are radicals. Dangerous radicals.

Few are surprised by Postmedia’s support for Encana and the foreign dominated tar sands extraction industry. Vancouver Sun misrepresents First Nations attitudes toward the Northern Gateway pipeline and downplays the environmental destruction that is inevitable. The newspaper often aims to manipulate citizens to support positions contrary to public interest. Beneficiaries, of course, are the corporations that dominate North American commerce, the ones that, by no coincidence, largely own the media.

Throughout the democratic world, newspapers that once aimed to serve readers now aim to oblige the moneyed aristocracy. No component is wealthier or more powerful than the multinational oil industry. They spend heavily to achieve their goals.

As I’ve written here previously, North American petroleum giants want tidewater outlets to export oil from this continent to nations overseas. The strategy intends to eliminate petroleum surpluses that reduce Canadian and American prices compared to those in world markets.

Here a description of the propaganda campaign beginning in the USA to get Alberta bitumen and Bakken oil to the Texas Gulf. It is similar to the effort underway now in Canada aimed at servicing a west coast oil port.

Oil industry begins push for Keystone pipeline, Ed Crooks, Financial Times, Jan. 5, 2012

“President Barack Obama will face the threat of a backlash at this year’s election if he refuses to approve TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL pipeline project, the leading US oil industry lobby group has warned.

“The American Petroleum Institute, which represents all the leading oil and gas companies, yesterday launched a political campaign called “Vote 4 Energy”, which will use advertising, social media and “grass roots” organisation to press both Republican and Democratic politicians to support the industry’s agenda.”

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  1. I think we the people are totally out gunned by them – big oil and their pro media with all their power ($) and influence (spin). Too bad because they are way biased for their own self interests and therefore do not tell all the facts, just those that work for themselves. Sadly still, too many people take the MSM for the truth without thinking beyond what they are being fed.

    If more people would take the time to read other views such as the excellent posts of Mr Reid and yourself there would be way more intelligent debate and accountability of the media, big corporations and government. The general population would be more fully informed (something big oil, government and the MSM do not want) and we would the people would all be able to share in the wealth and promise of this province.

    I like your CBC conflict of interest clock, also Bob Mackin's Stanley Cup “no justice yet clock”, all of BC Mary's BC Rail/ Basi-Virk anniversay notes. Could do a few more clocks – on the HST stall and Christy Clark's “running” government without a provincial voters mandate as promised and countdown to the coming prescribed election and sadly, many more. Time is definitely ticking and running out for the current status quo.

    Keep up the great work, more and more people are finding your and other non MSM blogs and it is/will make difference.


  2. We live in an age of political deceit, deception, and corruption, abetted by an extremely corrupt media. Politicians, more and more are puppets, whose strings stretch to major corporations. They have become whores, who are paid by the old fashioned brown paper envelope, stuffed with money, tickets to major events or other such lucre.

    The average person is taken as a rube or idiot, whose mind can be perverted by a very corrupt media, to do the bidding of the politicians paymasters.

    It is an age of evil, a more kinder and gentler evil than the great age of dictators (1922 to 1970), but it is an age of evil all the same, only this time there is no white knight to save us, instead a rabble of the 99%. The question is, are they strong enough to overthrow, this most despicable age of evil?

    I'll wager that Postmedia of Don Mills Ontario will never print this.


  3. They want to tell the world that those British Columbians who are opposed are dissidents and are not the majority. It's a set up for the showdown…..pretty manipulative…..they won't win though. If they thought people were determined to get rid of the HST, they ain't seen nothing yet….


  4. They'll use “grass roots organizations” to support the industry's objectives.

    If they are created by and funded by the oil industry, how are they grass roots organizations?

    We'll have to ask people like Kathryn Marshall and Vivian Krause how that works.


  5. Philip Till had a Lyle somebody on at just before 8a.m.with a survey that said 48% of BCer's are in support of the pipeline. Unbelievable


  6. Corus Radio is as bad as Postmedia in protecting Canada's financial nobility. Not surprising since the billionaire Shaw family made their fortune through monopoly cable businesses, protected from competition by carefully applied political influence. It is a strange world that has government protecting and guaranteeing endless profits to monopoly providers of services that are essentially necessities of modern life.


  7. Canadians are now living in a, fascist dictatorship regime. Harper is a Reformer, who founded the Northern Foundation Party. This was in 1989. Harper's shady political past, says it all.

    Dictators very important first step is, to muzzle the media. That's the first thing Hitler did, Gobbles was Hitler's propaganda minister. No bad press about Hitler could escape, to the German people. Gobbles printed outrageous lies. His speeches were outrageous lies. The smart people got out of Germany as fast as they could.

    It's no different in Canada, and especially in BC. Our media are all gutless, the laughing stock of the world. Another country's media said, how badly Harper is destroying democracy in Canada.

    None of the press, mentioned a word of that evil person from Enbridge, lying in his face saying, the BC people are approving the Enbridge pipeline. The BC citizens do not ignore all of the, tanker spills, pipeline bursts into rivers, streams and on the lands, contaminating, the clean underground drinking water. The rig explosions into the oceans, no greed is worth that.

    The BC people are, dead set against the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty tankers from China. We will thank Enbridge for all their many lies, deceit and pipe bursts, they don't even bother to clean up.

    I am amazed by Harper's stupidity. Many other country's are amazed by Harper's bullying and his hissy fits, when he doesn't get his own way. Europe is against the dirty tar oil, as many other country's are. Harper disgusted everyone present, in Durban.


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