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Harper warns of ‘hijacked’ hearings on Northern Gateway pipeline, Bob Weber, The Canadian Press:

EDMONTON – Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he’s listening to concerns that hearings for the Northern Gateway pipeline will be “hijacked” by foreign interests.

“We have to have processes in Canada that come to a decision in a reasonable amount of time and processes that cannot be hijacked,” Harper said Friday while in Edmonton to make an unrelated announcement.

“In particular, growing concern has been expressed to me about the use of foreign money to really overload the public consultation phase of regulatory hearings just for the purpose of slowing down the process…”

We wouldn’t want a few thousands of dollars from foreign public interest foundations hijacking the process and affecting the interests of loyal companies developing Alberta tar sands, such as:

  • Thailand’s state-owned PTTEP;
  • government controlled Statoil of Norway;
  • the state owned Korean National Oil Company;
  • Beijing based PetroChina;
  • Sinopec, controlled by Government of China;
  • Royal Dutch Shell, based in The Hague, Netherlands;
  • Chevron Corporation of San Ramon, CA;
  • Houston-based ConocoPhillips;
  • Tea Party financier Koch Industries subsidiary Koch Exploration Canada Corporation;
  • BP, headquartered in London, England;
  • China Investment Corp, from Beijing, China;
  • Devon Energy of Oklahoma;
  • ExxonMobil, of Irving, TX;
  • Occidental Petroleum of Los Angeles, CA;
  • Total S.A. of France;
  • Marathon Oil of Houston;
  • Nippon Oil of Tokyo;
  • Murphy Oil of Arkansas;
  • Husky Oil, controlled by Li Ka-shing of Hong Kong;
  • etc.

Westcoast Environmental Law explains Why West Coast is fighting Enbridge (it’s not the funding). It is a good read.

People concerned about the potential effects of major coastal oil spills ought not to worry. History demonstrates the effectiveness of dispersants. Industry will clear out and let the taxpayers look after everything.

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  1. Steve-O! Today I read in the Smithers Interior News the following:

    While it has long been known that 10 companies had kicked in a total of $100 million towards Enbridge's costs to pursue the JRP process, only one – China's Sinopec – had revealed it was one.
    Last week Cenovus Energy, Nexen, Suncor Energy Marketing, Total E&P Canada and MEG Energy filed with the JRP confirming their support of the project.

    So, let me ask you buddy. Who is it that are hijacking Canadian hearings into Northern Gateway? Cause I gotta tell ya. It's not looking like foreign environmentalists……


  2. I've seen it posted (forget where) that BC Mary is a cop-lover or some such thing. I think what they meant was that I firmly believe in fairness.
    And with respect to The famous Legislature Raids, I firmly believe that the police were treated badly. Here's why:

    * Don't you marvel that ordinary cops on Dec. 28, 2003 had the gonads to carry through with their investigation of Jasmohan Singh Bains, the man they thought was “Mr Big”, because he was making many phone calls to his cousin, Dave Basi, in the BC Ministry of Finance? With quiet dignity, the police went about their business dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's until they made flawless history. Imagine the pressure on them to desist, to look somewhere else, to NOT breach the sanctity of the people's parliament? But they persisted, got the evidence, arrested Jasmohan Singh Bains, put him on trial just a few blocks down Blanshard Street from Victoria Times Colonist, secured a conviction, interrupted the trade of cocaine between Victoria and Toronto, and took Mr Big off the street.

    * But this wasn't mentioned in the West Coast press!! 6 months passed as if no trial had happened, and nobody knew that Bains had gone to jail. I simply cannot understand how this happened … or why decent people would want it to happen.

    Most of all, I think it's damned unfair to the RCMP and Victoria Police Department who pulled off a spectacular arrest, did a good thing, and got absolutely no credit for it.

    I can't imagine anything better suited to breaking the spirit of good cops. I'd like to hear what others think of this kind of justice.



  3. The cynicism only over reaches the hypocrisy of this governemt that sort of got elected on their social conservative values disquising the oil agenda. Hope we all wake up.


  4. Such hypocrisy!

    Harper says – “The government doesn't take positions on specific projects that are before a regulatory process BUT I think this government has been very clear … about the necessity for Canada of broadening our markets for energy products. I think it is particularly essential for this country over time that we have capacity to sell our products into the growing market of Asia.” – Vancouver Sun

    There it is – the government doesn't take positions on projects before regulatory process BUT the project is essential. It's a done deal and anyone who opposes the project is a foreign highjacker.

    Where is his conscience?


  5. It's like BC isn't even a part of Canada. No other Canadian province has suffered, the thefts, corruption, dirty tactics, lies, deceit and all the cheating to win. Campbell's election lie, the BCR wasn't for sale. The HST wasn't on Campbell and Hansen's radar, another election lie.

    Campbell thieved and sold our rivers, which are a hellhole for the eco systems. Salmon runs destroyed. And now the steelhead are under threat from, the Kokish River project.

    Dictators have no conscience. Harper and Campbell worked frantically, to dismantle BC before Campbell was booted out.

    The lies Enbridge told on the news channel, were disgusting and really added more fuel to the fire of, the Enbridge lies and deceit. The BC citizens, do not want the Enbridge pipeline, nor the dirty oil tankers. Thousands of BC citizens are supporting the First Nations people, to stop the atrocities of the pipeline and the dirty oil tankers.

    There is so much anger at Enbridge and Harper's lies, there could be extreme civil disobedience.


  6. Sent to PM Harper 7 Jan 2012

    Re: EDMONTON – Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he's listening to concerns that hearings for the Northern Gateway pipeline will be “hijacked” by foreign interests.

    I agree that foreign interests should not hijack the NEB – JRP hearings, however this should apply to “all” foreign interests, both those for and against the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline. If it is decided that environment groups accepting or receiving funds from outside Canada are to be excluded from this (or future) hearings then it should also apply equally to Northern Gateway proponents that are based outside of Canada, are Canadian subsidaries of foreign Oil Companies or Canadian Oil Development Companies and Industry Alliances or Groups with foreign shareholders.
    It comes down to motivation – what is the reason for groups or corporations to promote or oppose national resource development (including pipelines).

    It is possible that some foreign groups (or foundations backing them) may be opposed to Northern Gateway for ulterior motives, however many of them may just be concerned about increased Oil Sands development, inevitable increased GHG emissions into our 'collective atmosphere' and the potential for land and sea oil spills. Their motivations may be honourable, whereas it may be argued that Oil Companies (especially foreign controlled Oil Companies) are primarily concerned with maximizing profits for themselves and their shareholders, who may reside anywhere in the world. It is foolish to think that foreign controlled Companies are interested in maximizing tax revenues for the Governments of Canada and Alberta. They and their industry groups top concerns are not to improve environmental standards, they are to minimize the royalties and other taxes they pay and to reduce their operating expenses (including those dealing with safety) to the lowest possible levels. There is nothing wrong with corporations making profits, however there must be checks and balances to ensure that Canada gets maximum benefits from “publically owned” natural resources and that they are developed to the best advantage of current and future generations of Canadians.

    It would be very regrettable if you were to 'stack the deck' by prohibiting some groups (environmental groups that receive foreign funds) while letting those with whom you agree appear before this and future panels, e.g. corporations backed by foreign investment.

    You are the Prime Minister of Canada, not the Prime Minister of Alberta. The hearing must be either an open, fair and transparent process with full participation by all interested parties (both Canadian and foreign) or with participation by groups and individuals comprised of “Canadians only” (Oil Industry and Environmental).

    As Prime Minister, you should be taking a more neutral position, let the JRP do its job without political interference and not set the Country up for what may well become one of the more divisive situations in recent Canadian history. There is no room for political spin at this point – what Canadians need is to feel that their government has a fair, inclusive and impartial process in place to evaluate the environmental and economic case for Northern Gateway complete with consideration for future generations. We already receive enough 'spin' from the Mainstream media (Big Corporate Media).

    Some of the foreign Oil Industry presenters registered to make oral presentations or as interveners are:
    Daewoo International
    BP Canada (subsidiary of BP)
    Sino Canada

    There are many more listed on the NEB – JRP website.


  7. According to the Edmonton Journal today (Sunday, Jan 8), BC mayors can expect a PR push from Alberta mayors. Let's be on the alert for this action.

    Interestingly, Alberta's energy minister makes no bones about the fact that the Gateway project is going to favour Alberta, not BC.


    JANUARY 8, 2012 6:48 AM



  8. It's a dirty business – not just in and of itself, but how its aims are being implemented. I think the latter is as harmful to our way of life as the former.


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