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Toward amoral petro-state

An Open Reply to Joe Oliver’s Propaganda for the Petro State
ENERGY & EQUITY: Nikiforuk joins the fray.
Andrew Nikiforuk, The Tyee

“Canada’s Natural Resource Minister Joe Oliver has just pulled a Hugo Chavez: he’s penned a formal and desperate attack on democracy and interfered in the nation’s allegedly impartial regulatory regime. And all for bitumen exports to China.

“In the process the Tory panjandrum has unwittingly highlighted the nation’s dangerous descent from messy democracy to full blown petro state.

“On Jan. 9 Oliver accused foreigners and “radical groups” of trying to derail the Gateway Enbridge pipeline as well as Canada’s tardy attempts to diversify foreign trade…”

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Writer/researcher Nikiforuk has been nominated for the J-Source Canadian Newsperson of the Year award, honouring a Canadian who has demonstrated excellence and had a positive impact on the quality of journalism in their community or across the country.

Andrew Nikiforuk (The Tyee) “Nikiforuk wrote surely one of the best Canadian books of the year, Empire of the Beetle, a multi-faceted investigation into beetle infestations killing forests in Canada and beyond that was nominated for the 2011 Governor General’s Literary award…This year Nikiforuk also built upon his groundbreaking bestseller The Tar Sands: Dirty Oil and the Future of the Continent with 46 richly researched pieces about Energy & Equity, published by The Tyee, which challenge the assumption that Canada becoming a petro-state is inevitably good for Canadians’ well-being.”

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  1. I saw the same, Boessenkool lobbied for Enbridge. Boessenkool is a Conservative henchman for Harper. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, must really be Conservatives. There are two Conservative party's in BC. I can't tell them apart. Campbell certainly worked for Harper, to dismantle and financially destroy BC. And now Boesenkool, another Conservative???

    It seems Falcon's big mouth has taken over for Christy's. Falcon is another odious goat working for Harper, as Campbell did. Falcon must want a reward from Harper, such as Campbell got. Falcon grovelled at Harper's feet, approving his stance on health care. Falcon's mouth was the size of the Grand Canyon, when he endorsed the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty tar tankers, to come into BC.

    Enbridge had another oil spill, in Wrigley N.W.T. This was when Slave Lake was on fire. Enbridge tried to lie and say, the spill was only four barrels. However, it was 1,500 barrels that spilled. Imagine if that oil had caught fire. And now, Enbridge has a gas leak, off Louisiana into the Gulf.

    I don't want to hear another lie from Enbridge, on their safety standards, they don't have any.

    Canada has steadily gone downhill, since Harper's majority. There have been no jobs in Canada for six months. Harper gave billions of our tax dollars to, banks, mines, large company's and gas and oil corporations, seen on the House of Commons TV channel. Harper now does his dastardly deeds behind closed doors. He just gave the wealthiest corporations in the world, ANOTHER tax reduction.

    Then there are, billions wasted on, Harper's wars, jets, ships, armored vehicles, perhaps a nuclear sub or four, and utterly billions wasted on his Stalags, when the crime rate is way down???

    Flaherty and MacKay's $1,300 per night luxury hotel suites. One night of $1,300 is, TWO MONTHS alloted for a person on social assistance in BC, ONE NIGHT ONLY. Lord knows how many more Conservatives have racked up outrageous expenses, on our dime. There is the, $50 million spent on gazebos. $3 million for MacKays travel. The $11,000 per hour jet, to take in a hockey game. Who can forget, the billion Harper spent on a stupid fake lake? While he is now busy slashing the services, we pay through the nose for.

    So much for Harper's tough on crime, his own laws don't apply to him nor his wasteful ministers. He pardoned all of his ministers, their outrageous misuse of our tax dollars.

    With Harper the Reformer and his good buddy Boessenkool a Conservative, this is just one more Conservative dictator, among many.


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