Harper Government

NEB: "ally", First Nations: "adversaries"

Confidential federal tar sands strategy targets Aboriginal and green groups, Greenpeace Canada, January 26, 2012

“As controversy increases over the Harper government’s attacks on environmental groups, Greenpeace Canada today released internal government documents obtained under Access to Information legislation showing that the Harper government has explicitly identified environmental and aboriginal groups as “adversaries” in its strategy to increase tar sands exports.

“This government established a list of enemies nine months ago and has since launched a public attack on environmental and aboriginal groups that are raising concerns about the environmental and social impacts of the tar sands,” said Keith Stewart, coordinator of Greenpeace Canada’s Climate and Energy campaign. “Rather than dealing the devastating impacts of the tar sands, the Harper government is working with the oil industry to silence their critics.”

Canada plays down embarrassing oil sands document, David Ljunggren, Reuters, January 27, 2011

“Canada disassociated itself on Thursday from an embarrassing official policy paper that said the country’s independent energy regulator, now studying a controversial oil pipeline, is in fact a government ally.

“Critics have long charged the right-of-center Conservative government is trying to pressure the regulator – the National Energy Board (NEB) – to approve Enbridge Inc’s plan to build a pipeline from the Alberta tar sands to the Pacific Coast…

“Greenpeace on Thursday released a policy paper from April 2011, which listed the NEB as one of the government’s allies. The paper was part of a campaign to counter widespread criticism of the oil sands in the European Union.

“The paper – written by bureaucrats at the international trade ministry – also said that among the government’s adversaries on the file were aboriginal groups, …”

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