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Today in British Columbia’s Legislative Assembly, Leonard Krog, Opposition Critic For The Attorney General, said this:

KrogI rise today to ask the House to pay its respects to the passing of one of British Columbia’s most courageous citizen journalists, a woman who was a harsh critic of the B.C. government, particularly around the sale of B.C. Rail, and also critical of yours truly, in the role that I played in criticizing the government. She was a well-known blogger. A defender of democracy, she feared no power. I’d ask the House to pay its respect to the passing of B.C. Mary — Mary Mackie.

I’m sure readers will thank MLA’s who shared in this tribute. Another member of the Legislature reminded me that Leonard Krog is a person who “Mary whacked with zeal on occasion.” True, but Mary didn’t do that with any sense of personal malice intended and Leonard Krog understood.

In common with so many citizens, she was frustrated with a judicial system designed and operated to prevent full and conscientious examination of malfeasance surrounding the sale of BC Rail.

Mary and I would exchange occasional messages and, in recent months, she demonstrated much courage about her own situation and certainly never complained. I think she’d excuse me offering this little example from a recent electronic conversation. I think it demonstrates much about the strength of her spirit.

She talked about a person who was important:

“I first met him when we were both 20 years of age, and he was a veteran of First Canadian Parachute Battalion. Strongest, smartest, healthiest man imaginable.

“He was stricken first with Prostate cancer, then with Parkinson’s. It’s a mystery why we’ve both been smitten when we’ve lived the cleanest, healthiest outdoor life. Well, no matter now: we’ve resolved to see this last chapter through together. I’m grateful for that.”

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  1. Thank you Norman. Thank you Leonard,for these fine words. Yes, she did whack him often,once even imagining him on the end of a but it was never of malice, only of anger to see this situation go on so long.

    She must have been smiling to see Krog deliver this. I can see it now…


  2. Thanks Laila. I'm sure Leonard Krog and his colleagues made this tribute with sincerity. They're used to vigorous debate and occasional slams. Remember, Mary gained nothing by speaking out. Her research and writing was a donation of love to the people of the province.

    BTW, Northern Insights readers should not fail to read Laila's own tribute to Mary. Good stuff.

    Love, Mary.


  3. Thanks for the tip about Krog's tribute in the House, Norm. I haven't been able to organize my thoughts to make one myself yet – but have been taking steps to keep the fruits of her years of selfless labor available to the public – and the Legislature Raids will continue to be a place for people to discuss the “crime of the century” and continue the demand for a FULL INQUIRY into the matter that doesn't give the main criminals involved a free pass or get out of jail free card as an opener.


  4. Thanks to all for these beautiful tributes to my mother… your words have done much to give us hope that her work was appreciated and noticed. I am collecting stories on her memorial website which I have just set up… I am collecting the blog postings under “Life Stories” and will add much more material in the coming days.
    Thanks so much… my Mom was a wonderful, passionate person and thrived on her friendships in this network of politically active and courageous people. We miss her very much.


  5. I, for one, am grateful for this community of selfless and action-orientated people whose goal is re-establishing democracy and removing the blight of gorged bloodsuckers in our government, pulling back to reality our government and hopefully repopulating it with caring and conscientious individuals who know how to work together for the people and not just themselves.

    It was a good thing to hear that the very people/persons Mary was fighting against took a moment yesterday and actually did something respectful and proper in recognizing her as the wonderful human being who selflessly and tirelessly worked to keep corruption and the many deceitful actions the BC LIEBs (and those nasty CONs too, basically government in general)front and foremost in news and blogs, reminding us that events and crimes from years ago are still ongoing today and needing ever more vigilance and action on our part.

    Your spirit will always live on BC Mary, and in that, so shall you.


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