BC Liberals

A No Era for British Columbia

The British Columbia Liberals promised a number of things when they aimed to form government in 2001. This is from page three of their 36-page campaign document A New Era for British Columbia.

Indeed, under more than a decade of Liberal rule, expenditures on education increased.

However, we need to put the numbers in context. Just as we compare provincial debt to GDP, we must compare the proportion of education spending to total public expenditures.
I won’t add commentary much beyond saying the numbers speak for themselves. One interesting note though is that, while education expenditures rose 20% during the Campbell/Clark era, overall program spending rose 65% and the cost of running the Premier’s office tripled.

The record of deception and duplicity continues.

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  1. Excellent illustration Mr. Farrell. Maybe if we didn't have the most subsidy friendly government around things would look better.


  2. It is truly remarkable, that in the overall context of prices and wages, that the majority of working folks both union and non-union, have seen their wages, barely keep pace or even decline further, as our collective society, rushes head long, into debt on a grand scale.

    As you say, the government's overall expenses, for the upper echelons of power, have skyrocketed. What a crock! These “clowns” are not worth that kind of money. The “public trust” has not been served in this province. It has been “robbed blind”, to subsidize the corporate and business friends, of the current party in power.

    We the people in this province, have to take back the control of fiscal and electoral, policy in BC.

    By means of referenda, and participatory democracy at the grass roots level, coupled with the “extreme” scrutiny of candidates, parties, lobbyists, and both Corporate and Labour supporters, we have to develop our democracy from the current “wide open, anything goes” concept to a more ethical and accountable system. The rule of Law, is paramount, and deviations, from the acceptable norms of ethics and parlaimentary practice, are not tolerated.

    The current “regime”, has shown that ethics and political morality, cannot be left to the parties, as they are presently constitiuted. The temptation for abuse of the system, through corruption and manipulation of laws and policy, is too extreme. This is no longer a “game” to be ignored by the electorate. This nonsense, is costing us greatly in terms of our economy, our ability to improve and grow, and our children's future.

    Financially, the present government has said “they were”, the better choice, to manage the economy. In hindsight, this is only true for a select few, the rest of us have lost ground and are continuing, to do so.

    It's time for an election. The current government, has lost the respect of the electorate. I would hope the “intellectual reminants”, of the BC Liberals, have the fortitude and courage, to stand up and end this “farce” quickly.


  3. Thanks Norm. I just finished reading Bob Mackin's open letter, to the premier. An excellent idea. Our current FOI act in this province, is one more “manipulative instrument”, used by our current “regime”, to thwart any member of the public, from scrutinizing government decisions, or policy.

    Indeed the Washington FOI model, is far superior to our own.

    The impementation, by the next government in this province, of just such an improved Act, would greatly increase public confidence, in a system, that is becoming more “reviled” by the day.

    Our government model, as it stands now, is broken. When parties, can be controlled and manipulated by lobbyists and special intrests, to subvert the democratic rights, of the electorate as a whole, for the
    benefit of the few, democracy no longer exists, per say. The extreme form of this, can be seen in the U.S.

    The electorate, has to find some way, of ensuring that “principled” government, is “protected” by process of law, unimpeded by procedural delay, and or manipulation. Charter Rights would not be violated and the government would be “reigned in”, by stricter adherance to the rule of law, so to speak, as to prevent the corrution, and “shady dealings”, we have seen in the past.

    The “path” to this new open, ethical and accountable, government, will be a long one, I admit. Everyone must take this seriously, if it is to work. There are those that will do anything, to keep the status quo.

    If the public involvemnt as seen in elections, with currently low voter turnout and apathy, is any indication, the process of reform, will be a long time coming.


  4. The Dishonesty, Deception and Deceit continue unabated – nothing to control the outrageous theft by private interests (mostly corporate, but Lieberal insiders too ).

    Actually, I thinkl the whole thirty pages of the document need a good looking over. I cannot think of one thing where there has been a positive improvement for the province and it people. All of the promises and hundreds more broken with impunity.

    The whole party – along with their supporters, need to serve time in jail with the common criminals and their crime be published for all to see. I doubt it will ever happen, though the thought is nice.



  5. I think we will certainly have to get rid of, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals. Then we should separate from the rest of Canada.

    Our resources are being thieved from us. We need to take our raw logs back. We need to get our mines back. As BC stands right now, we have been given away to China. They are even bringing their own people over here, to work the mines. We need to take our BCR back. We need to clean up the disasters on our rivers. We need to kick out, the filthy diseased fish farms. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, have made one hell of a financial mess. They are stupidly destroying prime farmland in BC, all for GD greed. Flooding prime farmland for fracking, is Christy insane? That poisons the underground water for miles.

    I have never ever seen anyone as low, as the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, nor as low as Harper. They have been thieving this province blind. It's about time, corporations start paying their fair share of taxes, or they can get the hell out. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, should be in prison for theft and extortion.

    Harper and Enbridge can go to hell too. We need to get away from that, greedy, deceitful, thieving Harper as well. Forcing the HST onto the province's people, in a deep recession is the most asinine thing, I have ever heard of. Now, election fraud, what's next? Harper is permitting China, to buy up the tar sands too. They are also bringing their people to work their vast tar sands projects. We need to get the hell away from Harper, fast.

    If a poor little country like Bolivia, can kick a giant mining corporation out of that country, so can BC.


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