Clark, Christy

Bob Mackin’s tasseography

“Could the fumbling of the renaming of B.C. Place be the undoing for Clark?

“The shocking resignation of Peter Brown from the board of the B.C. Pavilion Corporation could be the beginning of the end for Premier Christy Clark’s nearly year-old reign as Premier of British Columbia.”

Read the entire article at Bulls and Bears.

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  1. Who would spend $10 – $15 million on anything without a signed contract, especially when dealing with the most corrupt government this province has ever seen??? And I'm not so sure PavCo is on the up 'n' up either.

    Expensive mistake Telus.


  2. Christy and Boessenkool are deliberately making sure, there will be nothing left for the next party to work with. We have to watch our backs, Boessenkool had a secret meeting with Harper. I don't know what is left to destroy in BC. Their meeting must be about the Enbride pipeline and the dirty tankers.


  3. And when Entwistle consults with Telus' corporate lawyers and decides to sue the Liberals it will end up will costing the taxpayers even more. Right HypoChristy? Reproachable!


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